4 LUXE Ways To Promote Your Next Event


Marketing is not for the faint of heart. Marketing is a skill that encompasses many things, and the best marketing is done by those who research and observe their audience like a lion uses its intuition and agility to hunt its prey- I may watch just a little too much Animal Planet. (insert bashful emoji) The days of a company not giving a PR/Marketing professional a seat at the table during executive meetings are over. Marketing has become so extensive and necessary that its analysis and implementation are instrumental to the success of a company’s image, leverage in the playing field, and the three letter acronym that everyone loves… ROI.


Mastering the skill of marketing is a task, but it can and has been done. We love to see small businesses come up with unique marketing campaigns and initiatives. We talked about some marketing tips for your brand in a previous post, Chic Takeaways For Your EventsAs much as we love small scale campaigns, it is AMAZING to see the marketing come to life for large events like concerts and festivals.


With summer in full swing, there’s a festival out there for just about every type of person you can think of to attend. So, how does a festival like Coachella – who brings in about 80,000 attendees on any given day of the festival actually reach all these people? Easy, GREAT marketing. A thoughtful and interactive campaign can go a long way, and this hippie-chic festival is the proof in the pudding. Here are some tips for you to use the next time you need to get a few thousand people to your event – kudos to you if that’s the case, or if you’re just aiming for a few hundred like most, this will work too.


  • Have a presence on multiple social media channels. By cross-promoting across social media platforms, your brands visibility will increase and allow you to leverage social media for business. The more the merrier, but be sure not to over extend yourself and make sure that the platform makes sense for your business and campaign.
  • Create and implement a #hashtag. Come up with something simple and trendy.This allows for users to follow the conversation whether they are there or not. You’ll be thanking yourself in the end for having easy to obtain analytics.
  • Visuals. This includes pictures, live streaming,and recording. These things really resonate with an audience. Our current society is visually obsessed. Make sure the pictures are of high quality, and if it’s in the budget provide shareable and customizable digital frames and Snapchat geo filters for guests to use. Users want to feel connected and they will appreciate that a brand they love so much thinks about things like that.Talk about evoking emotion.
  • Encourage conversation. Provide a place where people attending can connect with one another in a casual virtual environment. Maybe you have this event every year and new people attending don’t know what to expect,bring, or what some advice from past attendees. Creating a forum or Facebook page specifically for that is a great idea, and again increases conversation and sharing of your brand.


Happy Reading!


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