Affiliate Marketing: Generating Income With Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle


Ever wonder how some fashion bloggers are able to generate enough revenue from posting “creatively casual” photos in fashionable clothing to provide a comfortable living? Affiliate marketing would be the answer. With social media sites such as Instagram becoming a strong asset to business owners, brands, and corporations, affiliated links have become the most common mechanism to direct followers to retail or blogging sites. Sites like ShopStyle and Like To Know It are two popular sources that have taken advantage of affiliated links and partner with fashion bloggers to build business and generate more income.

Basically, when someone partners with a one of the previously mentioned sites, deals are based off of the amount of followers or readers a blog has, and the level of interaction it receives. When a post featuring or linking the brands worn by a blogger or business owner with a large, loyal following generates a lot of traffic, compensation can range from 3% to 20% commission from the resulting sales, according to the WSJ.

ShopStyle for example, invites people to use their affiliate links to “monetize your influence across your blog and every social platform…” and also provide helpful tools to get you started such as their own API, personalized analytics and thousands of retailers like Neiman Marcus, Farfetch, and Saks Fifth Avenue or brands like Kate Spade to take advantage of. Income is generated specifically through the amount of people that click on the affiliate links from ShopStyle you attached to your blog posts. The best advice to earning the most out of this site is to make sure when creating your ShopStyle dashboard on your account, it is tailored towards your most popular audience. This will ensure that a larger portion of your audience will be interested in the items and promoted.

Another site, Like To Know It, which is also big on affiliate marketing works a bit differently by using Instagram as it’s main resource for promoting products. In order to partner with the site and use their feature—which requires followers to like a photo in order to receive an email with all the brands featured– you must first be “approved” by RewardStyle. Sometimes the application and approval process takes months, but once you’re in, generating income is as easy as posting quality photos that feature trendy, personal style and incentives to get people to visit your blog; like promo codes or alternate clothing options.

Affiliate marketing is a great option for anyone looking to make some extra cash or really transition into making blogging your full-time job. The sites featured are just two of the more popular companies that offer affiliate marketing programs to anyone who is interested in joining. It’s a win-win situation and a new way to turn something you love into a LUXE way of living!


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