Facebook and Instagram Ads: Do They Still Work?


Facebook and Instagram have proven themselves to be the cool kids of the social media world. Aside from literally giving people the chance to rebrand themselves and create a persona resulting in a large amount of followers, opportunity for collaboration, and maybe even fame, Facebook and Instagram have created those same opportunities for businesses.

Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, small or large business; social media platforms have allowed for marketing and advertising to be taken to another level over the years. Social media has shaped the digital age and created a whole new field of professions. So it’s safe to say that social media is the real MVP in the digital space.

  • Know that spending on Facebook and Instagram ads in order to drive people to your page will only work if you’re meticulous about it. Make sure that you create well thought out andoptimized ads. If you have a not so gracious PPC budget, being diligent in whatyou post will get you the most bang for your buck.
  • Target the right audience. Thisis VITAL. Yes, your audience consists of 18-30-year-old women, but what else? Think demographics AND psychographics. Even creating a persona of what your ideal customer looks like will help you a great deal.
  • Create an overall enticing post to advertise. The visuals should be engaging and adhere to specified image sizes to ensure quality. The content should be relevant; it just doesn’t makesense otherwise.  There are features to rate your ad and give you a relevance score. Utilize it.
  • Include an enticing reason why they should click on your ad to educate themselves of your product or business also known as a value proposition. This will lead into you creating a clear call-to-action AKA – a CTA. Personally, we love creative CTA’s. We saw a subscription ad that used “Bye Felicia!” for the button if you chose to opt out. We died a little inside…of laughter of course.
  • Finally decide where you’d like to position your ad. That luxury isn’t yet available on Instagram. However, on Facebook you have the choice of the traditional right-hand column ad or the news feed ad. Consider your budget when executing this step. After you have created and implemented your ad, monitor monitor and monitor some more. This is important to know which method and platform worked best for your brand and budget. If you get find a method that results in a higher click through rate with the lowest cost per action, you have found the sweet spot.

Now, the question is… It’s 2016 do Facebook and Instagram ads still work? Are they seen as organic? Are users actually engaging with them or are they just looking for the next best thing? No company wants to hear that their ads are “annoying” or a thing of the past. The answer to those questions is…yes and we’ve basically shared our scoop on making social media ads on Facebook and Instagram work for your brand or business. If you’re looking for ways on how you can improve the performance of your campaigns– or someone who just launched their small business and could really use the advice from this post…send them our way!


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