Apps to LUXE-ify Your InstaFeed

Instagram feed

Discovering ways to get more creative with your Instagram photos in order to stand out in a sea of images is sometimes harder than we think. Finding time to keep track and manage your social media can become quite difficult as well, especially one where your loyal followers are constantly active. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that are providing services to help busy businesswomen properly manage their online presence while balancing everyday life.

Check out our Top 3 below!

Planoly: this app prides itself in being the “first visual planner for Instagram” and it’s easy-to-use media planner. Started by Brandy Pham (@brandypham) and her husband Andy, Planoly was created to help the then new mom balance her social media content, which was directly correlated with her jewelry brand, and parenthood more effectively. With Planoly, you can easily plan the look of your Instagram feed with their cool drag & drop feature, schedule content and draft captions for up to a months in advance, track analytics and manage and reply to comments all in one place! Did I mention signing up is free?

Planoly Instagram

UNUM: It’s been said that an Instagram page with a consistent theme leads to exponential follower growth, and UNUM has made it its mission to help you create your personal, unique story. Using their visual planner, you can rearrange, draft, and get a full preview of how your photos will appear on Instagram. You get the bigger picture before sharing it with everyone else. Not only is the app free to download—but you can also apply for exclusive access and be the first to preview new features!

UNUM Instagram

PostVU: Everything you have ever needed to create great content for an even greater Instagram feed is provided by PostVU. Not only does this app include scheduling and drafting tools, but it also has a large array of features to make editing your photos easier than ever. From effects, to orientation, and memes—PostVU has all the unique features to create one-of-a-kind photos. They also have a tool that allows you to split your images into separate blocks to create banners. What a creative way to freshen up your feed!

PostVu Instagram


We love these apps, because they all provide unique features that are easy to use and connect you with people who are looking to take their feeds to the next level. Followers love to see the new ways people choose to personalize and share their photos; so if you think it’s time to vamp things up, consider trying out one of these apps. The best part about them is that they offer free plans.

If you think you need more ideas to LUXE-ify your feed feel free to visit LOOKLIVELUXE or check out our Instagram page here. If you like what you see, contact us!

Featured image via Planoly


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