Holiday marketing

How Holiday Marketing Can Boost Your Brand and Sales

It’s that time of year again—shoppers are looking high and low for the best deals during the holiday season, which means: ‘tis the season to begin your luxe holiday marketing plans! We are well aware of the many benefits to providing your clients with special promotions during the holidays. Just take note from major retailers like Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s that offer deals during the holidays not many people want to miss. Even small retailers like Ulta or of course our fave, Kate Spade are offering deals you cannot resist. If you’re thinking your business won’t reap as many benefits, because it isn’t as large as those retailers—think again. Holiday marketing is just as impactful on small businesses as it is on larger ones by boosting the traffic they receive and increasing awareness. Plus, don’t think all the ‘jolly good’ marketing has to be reserved for the winter holidays; there are just as many benefits to extending holiday promotions year round that will lead to great business and potential new customers!

Keeps your brand present.

Besides your loyal customers, shoppers tend to migrate towards other brands when they don’t see constant activity from you and begin to lose interest. Tailoring your brand’s marketing to holidays year round is the perfect way to stay present to newer customers and it keeps them coming back, so your retention will only continue to increase and that’s nothing but good news!

Potential collaborations.

The holidays are all about gift giving, celebration and collaboration. There couldn’t be a better time than the holiday season to reach out to other brands and strike up a deal that will benefit both of you. Something like a coupon to each other’s store, provided with purchase, provides a motive for the customer to continue shopping and increases sales and visibility for you both!

Attracts new clients/customers.

During the holidays, people are more willing to try something new and branch out to different stores for two reasons: gift shopping and the opportunity to snag a good deal. By marketing specials that appeal to a specific audience, or the family as a whole, you can attract new customers and keep them coming back.

Initiates customer engagements.

Today, marketing your brand expands to more than just your storefront. With social media, we have another marketing tool that helps your brand reach greater numbers of people—especially during the holidays. This is the perfect opportunity to get customers, new and old, to engage with your store through special announcements or giveaways posted on social media only. You’ll get more followers and keep your customers standing by for some surprises!

A good businesswoman knows how important it is to take advantage of an opportunity that could lead to business growth—and the holidays are just that. Whether it’s the New Year or beginning of July, there’s a holiday to celebrate and customers to please. If you need some ideas to get started on your holiday promoting, check out our blog post on Holiday Marketing Tips!

Bloomingdales Holiday Sale

Image via Bloomingdales


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