New Year, New Rules!

Glitz, glam, and bubbly will be in the plans for most people this upcoming New Year’s Eve, and for some it’ll be pizza, pajamas, and Netflix. – Totally optional and both sound rather appealing.

However, one thing is typically unwavering amongst the general population, and that’s new year resolutions. You know, those long term goals that you set for yourself that statistics show only 9% of us actually follow through on…YIKES. It’s definitely time to break that cycle.

Setting goals for ourselves is a great way to kick start something new in our lives, but what about for our businesses? We often set resolutions such as “be more mindful”, “lose 15 pounds”, or “get out and socialize more”. Just imagine the growth and opportunities that could arise from you having this same mindset towards your business or brand. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your business. No one ever did anything spectacular without taking risks. As they say, with great risk comes great reward. You should hold your goals up to such a high standard that they somewhat become rules that you must follow in order to accomplish them. In 2017 think New Year, New Rules. Here’ how.

Put yourself out there. Don’t take the type of risk that screams “I have nothing else to lose, why not?” take the risk that screams “I have a darn good product/service and I’m willing to bet that you’ll think so too” approach. So many business owners are crippled by fear, anxiety, past failures, etc. that they hinder themselves from potential business opportunities. Sit down (with or without a glass of wine), evaluate when-where-how-what you’d like to accomplish this upcoming year, and create a strategy to execute it. Need some help? LOOKLIVELUXE would LOVE to.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, revamp your business model, introduce your business on a new platform (have you seen Instagram’s new features? Check them out on last weeks’ blog), or network at an event that you never thought to attend in the past.

Be a boss. Not the whole barking orders type boss. The, I totally know what I’m doing and I look darn good while doing it type boss. In some, well in most cases it’s best to be humble; but this year why not go against the grain a little a be a TOTAL boss. Own your business, flaunt your business, and most importantly feel good about it! Don’t dim your shine just to make others feel comfortable. Place all bets on yourself this year, after all, the biggest risk is not taking any risk.

Be open. When taking risks, you stand to lose valuable resources such as money, time, and maybe even your peace of mind for a bit. HOWEVER, these resources are the very same things that you stand to gain. As long as you are taking positive, well calculated risks the outcome should be beneficial. The process isn’t meant to feel comfortable, that’s the beauty in it. It should establish new boundaries that you were unwilling to previously explore and bring you out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to trust your instincts and rely on your expertise.

When it’s all said and done the risks taken should enrich your life, enhance your creativity, improve your outlook on business, and help you to clearly define what it is that you truly want for your business. Success looks different for every person, just know what that looks like for you.

Cheers! New year, new rules


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