Splendor Styling

Create a Space That Fuels Creativity: Office Styling

The New Year is all about new beginnings, so why not try making over your office space for a new and inspiring start? After all, change is good! Transforming your office space into an area you enjoy being in will only enhance your productivity and make working more enjoyable. There are plenty of ways to add fun and creativity to your workspace, like using luxe decorative items or a few of your favorite items from home to add a personal touch.

Mariella Cruzado, of Splendor Styling and a past interviewee and Elle Decor feature, knows all about transforming space into a stylish and inspiring haven. She even has a blog post dedicated to easy home office styling that you can check out here! In it, she mentions how she loves to keep a little inspiration everywhere she looks and has her favorite and go-to items placed in accessible places. It’s also important to remember, when decorating a space as important as an office—comfort is key! Having a relaxing, uncluttered area is great to keep stress at bay and motivate your thought process.

There are plenty of other ways to revamp your space that are simple and unique like:

Adding pretty blooms or plants to add some life to your work area. It has been proven that fresh blooms or succulents can be a great addition to your room or work area due to its positive effect on stress. But if live flowers or plants aren’t for you—fake ones will do!

Create a mood board made up of all your favorite images, quotes and photos of inspirational people to give you that motivational push when you’re feeling a bit down. We actually created one along with a vision board on New Year’s day and it definitely helps set the tone of the year.

Upgrade your office supplies by finding luxe pens, notepads, and calendars—anything to make the area more playful and less stressful.

If you’re still searching for new ways to personalize your space, try looking into some of your favorite designers, fashion retailers or bloggers. Interior design magazines like Architectural Digest, are also great sources of inspiration and are filled with pages of unique and fabulous décor.

It’s always advised to do what you love—but why not work where you love, as well? It’s really, pretty simple when it comes to transforming your work space from drab to fab—take it from us, we love luxe environments just as much as we love luxury brands! So, feel free to take a look at what inspires us LOOKLIVELUXE!


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