Why Blogging Helps Your Business

We all love blogs. We run to them when we need advice, knowledge, or just pure entertainment. Need step by step instructions for a recipe? There’s a blog for that. Need fashion advice? There’s a blog for that. Embarking on your new healthy lifestyle resolution you made for yourself this year and need some guidance? There’s a blog for that.

Blogs hold a space on the internet where some of the best information and thoughts live. Aside from giving many businesses a distinct voice and presence, blogs also double as a brilliant way to market and drive traffic. As much as you love reading particular blogs, know that someone is searching for a blog post that your business could be providing for them. You could pay for traffic by placing paid ads or you can blog for free, the only cost is your time, and the relevancy that a blog can bring your business is priceless – here’s why.

Presence. You can post an image to your social media account everyday but is it meaningful content? Is it something that your audience will like AND share? Blogs (well written and relevant ones) contain content that your audience will want to share on social media platforms. This helps with your business in being exposed to a new audience. When this happens, new engagement happens.

Search engine optimization (SEO). Unless you hire a specialist to continuously optimize your website, blogging is the number one way to stay on the radars of search engines. In short, every time you blog you index one more page on your website. You can only update your website SO much. Blogging is an easy way for your business to continuously show up in searches and drive traffic to your page.

Calls-to-action (CTA). This is how converting the traffic flowing to your website from your blogs into leads works. Now that you’ve gotten someone to visit your blog, hopefully they like your blog, visitor sees a CTA such as “don’t miss out on the scoop, click here to always stay in the loop”, visitor clicks the link, ends up on a landing page and fills out their information. You now have a lead and in return you provide relevant content.

So, now that you know just how great blogs can be for your business. Have fun, get creative, and stay ahead of the curve. The possibilities of blogging are endless.

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