Managing Your Social Presence

Everyone in today’s day in age seems to be pretty active on social media- which is great, but what many people seem to still lack is the understanding of how to properly manage their social media presence. Social media is a full reflection of who you are or what your brand is. If there is anything that we can’t stress enough when it comes to that…it’s the importance of being fully aware of what you post online, creating an attractive and appropriate online presence that fits you or your brand, and lastly, managing it!

The beginning stages of creating this presence is just as important as the time spent maintaining it, because you have to remember that whatever is posted online – is on there forever (regardless of the delete button)! There are three important keys to hit on when working on your social media presence: make sure you have the desired privacy settings off (if you want people to find you and work with you or buy your services/products), post the quality content that you want to represent you and lastly, stay active. Beyond that, explore various platforms!

There are an unlimited amount of fun and innovative social networks that are worth looking into and adding content to. Juggling a number of social media platforms can become overwhelming, especially if you are constantly maintaining them. This is why Hootsuite was created to efficiently help people manage and increase their social media presence conveniently, all in one place for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

As a partner of Hootsuite, we quickly recognized it was not only a need of an effective social media management software for ourselves, but the need to effectively manage our clients’ social presence as well. After Hootsuite launched its highly anticipated Instagram scheduler, we found that our process in maintaining social media has been quite a great experience! Though, it may take some time to build up a desirable content library and once you have, it will make everything flow seamlessly…minimizing the amount of time spent on creating or sourcing content, editing and posting online.

Like any other platform, it may take some time getting used to. Hootsuite is fully aware of this, as they provide a plethora of resources to help end users and partners become successful. Are you still having a hard time managing your business’s social media presence, lacking the time to even build a content library or implementing a program such as Hootsuite? Feel free to contact us for a LUXE One-ON-One!

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