Beat The Monday Blues

Mondays can either be a refreshing start to the week or it can be a dreadful one. I’ve found that having a morning regimen can beat the blues. Most…if not all successful people have one, such as Marie Forleo (love her) and she shares what they are on Marie TV.

What I used to do is check my emails and my social media analytics, but that’s not the way to start out your morning. Especially, if you find something in your inbox that isn’t pleasant or a reminder of a hard deadline that you have to meet by EOD. Can we say anxiety attack?

So now what I do after waking up is stretch, make myself a nice cup of warm water with honey and lemon (yes, not coffee…at least, not yet). This is all done while listening to some upbeat music to get the right vibes going or putting on a motivating video on YouTube. Then essentially, you know the rest (shower etc).

Also, jotting down your to-do list and preparing your Monday’s best (fashionable outfit) ready the night before, helps tremendously. It doesn’t matter if you work from home or not…if you look good, your work for that day will look great. Plus, a good nights’ rest should do the trick as well!

What is your Monday morning regimen?


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