A Balancing Act

Small Business: A Balancing Act

It’s currently President’s day and though many offices are closed, creatives, marketers and small business owners are still at work…including myself. It seems like we should indulge in the long weekend and drop everything, but that isn’t always the case. How many of you thought entrepreneur or freelance life would give you more freedom? The freedom to pick up and leave, the freedom to do whatever you want or the freedom to change deadlines whenever you want, is not really a thing for us. Not exactly like we thought. There may be some truth to the freedom part, but it’s limited. What’s even more limiting is the act of balancing everything.

One of the important things I had to learn as an entrepreneur (and am still learning) is how to balance it all. Balancing life is tough when you are engulfed in what you do, especially as a Marketing Consultant learning your craft and striving to be better for your business and/or your clients. You start creating circle of friends who are more aligned towards your goals, your activities involve constant networking or you’re toting around your laptop everywhere you go. I am guilty of doing all three, because the truth of the matter is I love what I do! However, this isn’t a long-term healthy or a fulfilling option to living if you cannot disconnect from work.

I love enjoying the arts/shows, traveling, dining and just going anywhere that I can get dressed up with bae or friends (kinda hard in Orlando since it’s a touristic destination, but in the heart of Downtown Orlando…it’s so much better). So I had to find some alternative ways to ease my madness that would both meet my needs and wants for my business and my life. By outsourcing low value activities or tasks, I was able to gain more leisure time and alleviate my need (or control) to be constantly connected. This can be done by growing a team, hiring an agency like LOOKLIVELUXE or using a freelance site like UpWork for your small business too. Whatever you choose, just know that…

Happiness is a place between too little and too much.” – English Proverbs

Featured Image via  FashionHippieLoves.com


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