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Turn The Makeup Show Orlando Into Your Next Business Opportunity

Attention all trendy, fabulous, and luxe makeup lovers in town: The Makeup Show is making another appearance in Orlando and you won’t want to miss it! Not only is this a great opportunity for makeup artists and enthusiasts to acquire new techniques and get inspired, but it’s also a great opportunity for brands to meet influencers and increase exposure for specific clients. The Makeup Show has so much to offer in 2017 and if you weren’t planning on attending, we’ve got a few reasons why you should—your clients could greatly benefit and so could you!

  • The Makeup Show brings over 75 different brands to each destination, including some of the biggest names in the business like Make Up Forever and Nars, along with several new brands this year. This will give everyone the opportunity to discover newer brands like Bioderma and Blinc Inc., and get an idea of how they are building their product alongside some of the most well-known brands in the industry.
  • Makeup Show Town Hall is being introduced this year in order to bring together attendees, artists, and experts, which means it’s the perfect time to network, network, network! Every entrepreneur knows you can never get anywhere without being a fearless networker. Being a part of the Town Hall, will allow you to strike up conversations with everyone about the hottest trends and newest developments, while spreading word of your brand as well. If you haven’t already, check out our blog post about how networking can help your brand here.
  • New knowledge and skills always lead to improvement, and with appearances from top beauty professionals you’ll have the chance to work with the best. Aside from learning new makeup techniques, you can also learn what worked for some of the professionals who have made it to the ‘top’. From gaining and maintaining a presence in the industry, to creating a name for themselves, advice from people who have been working towards similar goals is a great way to make a connection that you could benefit from in the future, and help increase your brands reach.

As The Makeup Show only comes once a year, this is an opportunity to take advantage of. It’ll give you the chance to speak with many like-minded individuals behind major brands, all while discovering new products and techniques. Maybe you’ll meet someone who could potentially become a future business partner—and look fabulous doing it! Read more about our time at last year’s Makeup Show Orlando here.

Make up for ever makeup school
Make Up For Ever 

Featured Image via Manda’s Makeup Corner


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