Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The lack of planning will lead to unwanted results, which is essentially a plan to fail. This post was meant to be published last Monday, but life as we know it gets in the way and it’s all the more reason to plan, plan, plan! Of course, we plan out content and promotions for our clients as they are priority (without them, LOOKLIVELUXE wouldn’t be a thing). But making time to plan for yourself or your business is such a daunting task. You put others’ needs first and say, “well I’ll get back to my social media, blog or website, in a bit” and seemingly never do on time, because it’s a vicious cycle. I should know. I’ve been guilty of it. It doesn’t have to be this way, there’s more to running a business than completing your own tasks or projects last-minute. Better to be early (prepared), than sorry.

This is where a handy, dandy planner comes in to play. Find yourself a daily, weekly or monthly planner. I prefer using a daily planner to map out my days (it helps me stay on track each day). I used to invest in the large Kate Spade planners, but after my visit to the Simply Stylist conference in New York, I was introduced to Erin Condren’s planners. They’re appealing and inspiring. She has multiple types that keep you on the path that you not only want to be on, but the path you need to stay on! Not only is planning essential for productivity and success; a great work flow is too! As a Bloglovin’ stalker, I also ran into a blog post to get your work flow on from The Skinny Confidential. Read her tips on getting your office-ish together to encourage optimal productivity, especially on Mondays. Do you have problems planning? What is your favorite planner to use and how do you get your work flow on? Do share!


Featured Image via The Skinny Confidential



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