Twiirly: The New App For Bloggers

Twiirly x Amour Vert Blogger Brunch at While We Were Young in NYC via Sassy Red Lipstick Blog

If you were able to catch our last blog post, 4 Steps To Turn Your Blog Into a Career, you’re already aware of a few easy ways you can be turning your blog into your own personal business. Now, we have found an app we’re excited to share with you that can aid in making that transition happen a little faster. Twiirly is a new app designed to directly connect followers with their favorite bloggers via video chat. Its objective is to not only give content creators the freedom to connect, but offer a direct income stream as well.

Here’s how it works:

First, Twiirly provides a widget for your blog so you can promote your one-on-one sessions to your followers. Once your followers begin scheduling chats, you control when and how you spread out interactions throughout the day. Callers who schedule a 15-minute session are billed $20/session and you keep 80%, while Twiirly takes its 20% fee. You’ll be sent a weekly payment via PayPal and there’s no contract!

This app is a great and innovative way to offer your followers your knowledge and expertise on a more personal level, which can only lead to a more loyal and happy following. The ability for followers to have the opportunity to speak to a blogger or head of a brand they are inspired by is something that hasn’t been easy to do until now. So it’s an opportune time to take advantage of this new form of communication between bloggers and their readers. Not only will this benefit your followers, but this is also a great opportunity as a business woman to find out what your followers like or want to see more of, so you can customize your blog to fit the majority of your followers needs. Your followers would greatly appreciate the effort to take the time to connect with them and answer any of their questions or share what it is that inspires you.

Not many bloggers are willing or make the time to reach out to their followers in this way, so the extra effort is sure to generate business through positive word of mouth. And there’s no doubt that a great one-on-one session with a follower will keep them coming back for more.

To download the app, visit Twiirly. For more information or how to get involved, you can shoot them an email over at or contact us for questions regarding your blog or business! And who knows you may even see our Chief-in-LUXE Val Decena on the app and be able to ask her questions straight away!

Sassy red lipstick
Via Sassy Red Lipstick Blog

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