Build Lasting Relationships, Not Links

Long are the days where we have to stuff our content with links, in order to increase SEO (search engine optimization). This is a method that does work for sure. But somehow and somewhere down the line, someone (who I’ll mention a bit later) discovered that there is more to link building. There is such a thing as building relationships online. This had me thinking if more brands or bloggers ever thought about actually connecting with the people they are trying to target then they would excel in what they’re trying to accomplish. As I was scouring the web for inspiration and even perused a few blogs, all I saw was affiliate link this and affiliate link that or spammy comments this and spammy comments that. Which is fine, if you’re a bot, but people like working with other people or buying from people they like. At LOOKLIVELUXE, we get the whole affiliate linking deal because we are a blog that also likes to add value to our content for readers (and who wouldn’t want to monetize on providing value). We also have shared on The LUXE Blog, how you too can get started on doing that here.

However, what we’re sharing here is content to build lasting relationships and trust, which is a bit different from the actual term build relationships, not links, as this relates to reaching out to the people you’d like to connect with in the online world. From our perspective, we believe that content should share a brand’s mission and tips or a blogger’s point of view and inspiration behind what they’re sharing. How many times have you looked at a blog post and just saw images with links to where you can purchase this or that? That’s not really building anything, but links. Is it necessarily bad to use link building? No. It still helps the web crawling world of Google drive people to your site, so by all means, add links, but do so with the intent of connecting and building lasting relationships with your readers. Next week we will be sharing a round-up of items, resources or blogs that we think are luxe. And we’re also bringing back our LUXE Q&As! So like Rand Fishkin says, “Don’t Build Links, Build Relationships” and we’re definitely keeping this in mind! Do give this a try too and let me know how it goes!

Featured Image via Coco & Vera Blog


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