3 Things to Look for When Leveraging an Influencer

Digital influencers have quickly become many creative brand’s go-to when it comes to advertising on a more personal level. It’s one of the reasons why so many bloggers have been able to turn their blogs into a career (you can read about it here), and why you’ve been seeing so many collaborations between brands and social media influencers. If you’re looking for an influencer who fits your brand to do business with, there are a few things you should keep in mind when searching for a star in a platform that carries millions. We’re listing three important things to consider when leveraging an influencer for your brand. Read on…

1. Engagement.

At first glance, the amount of followers someone had used to be an important factor in determining their status as a good influencer, as well as being on brand. Although that is still partially true, what people find more impressive is their engagement to match it. A publisher’s engagement with followers can help determine how effective their influence, and if it is strong enough to carry a product. It gives you insight into how much weight they carry in promoting a message and how effective it would be when it comes to returns of investment.

2. Post frequency.

How often an influencer posts is important due to the direct correlation it has with the amount of traffic they receive. When someone is consistent with posting great content, not only do they receive more clicks and shares but also, the possibility of followers returning increases. It creates a sense of loyalty between the reader and the publisher that benefits any business in terms of client relationships.

3. Look out for sponsored ads.

Although, sponsored ads aren’t a bad thing, the amount of sponsored ads posted over time says a lot about the kind of influencer someone is. People like original, creative content—they don’t like constant, irrelevant ads popping up on their feeds time after time. An influencer with a page full of sponsored ads seems disengaged and passionless about their content, causing followers to look for someone who is more authentic to be inspired by.


And if you’re looking to bring your brand and influencers together, the Fohr card plays a big role. If you haven’t heard, Fohr Card is a business that helps bring together brands and influencers more efficiently by making influencer recommendations, setting fair market pricing and providing reports on the success of a brand’s social media campaign. You can read an interview with the founders here on Coveteur or visit their site and sign up for free to get started! Don’t forget, when looking for an influencer make sure that they fit your creative niche—on all social media channels, not just Instagram. Also, remember that your engagement with influencers who are passionate about their content and appreciate quality and authenticity, can lead to a long-lasting and lucrative business relationship; and that’s something we consider a win! If you need more information on Influencer Marketing, book a consultation over at LOOKLIVELUXE. We’re always more than happy to help!

Featured Image via City Peach Blog


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