Your Network is Your Net Worth

As a shy girl in my younger days, I quickly learned the importance of getting out of my shell in college. It meant having to speak to other students about school work or group projects, in order to succeed (I hated group projects, but now I understand how it helped me open up more and work with a team). I also noticed other students joining extracurricular activities, school and non-school related, which made me think how is it that they’re finding out all about this stuff. Something then struck me!  It was the fact that they were mingling with other students, teachers or organizers. I began doing the same in a town I barely knew at the time (Orlando, and I’m from South Florida) and before I knew it, I wasn’t so shy anymore.

This later carried on to my business ventures including LOOKLIVELUXE. Without networking I would be stumped, as networking goes hand in hand with entrepreneur life. Being a “fearless networker” can have direct correlation to your success. As a small business owner or blogger, it’s great to already have a network or a tribe, but if you don’t…don’t fret. You can always build one and we’ve blogged about how and constantly talk about it, day in and out! It’s an activity that is sure to help you down the line to increase your bottom line. It also boosts your confidence each time you go to an event or conference like The Makeup Show Orlando, which my Content Creator Dori and I attended yesterday and it’s always a good time meeting new influencers and brands.

The Makeup Show Orlando is the kind of event that you should be penciling in your calendar to attend (the events should also fit your niche or where your ideal clients hang out). Here’s a really fun fact; one year, I had the opportunity to go to New York Fashion Week for an Independent Fashion Blogger conference and couldn’t believe the immense support of other bloggers and the amount of networking going on. From this, I was able to grow V. LUXE Image Consulting into LOOKLIVELUXE (a long story for another blog post) and see many bloggers/vloggers like Alex from HRH, Naty MicheleHilary Rushford and more grow into Blogger powerhouses. And we didn’t do this, by staying home and just blogging (btw you can also network from behind a screen). But for the most part…we got out of our comfort zone and networked! You too can do it and trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Read more here on becoming a digital networking pro.


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