3 Thought Leaders We Enjoy on YouTube

One of the things that we want to start implementing for The LUXE Blog is sharing our weekly round-up of content, services or products we like and find inspirational or useful. This round-up was mentioned in a recent post by our Chief-in-LUXE Val Decena, and in case you missed it you can read it here. At LOOKLIVELUXE, we always share the latest updates on industry-related news or in the social media/marketing realm with each other. So introducing it in blog form would be a great way to help readers who may also want in on the extra inspiration or news.

This week our Wednesday Weekly Round-up includes thought leaders and/or experts in business that we watch on YouTube and have added to our YouTube LUXE playlist. And, yes! We do have a YouTube for LOOKLIVELUXE and our channel is a created and curated compilation of all things LUXE. We like to be entertained or more so, “edutained” and we think you might too. Why not get a little enjoyment out of informative content?

So who are we watching? Well, in our last blog post, Dori Mila, our Content Creator at LOOKLIVELUXE and one of the authors of this blog talked about 3 things to look for when leveraging influencers and mention the Fohr Card. The Co-Founder James Nord of this new platform connecting brands and influencers is giving you weekly tips on his YouTube channel A Drink With James. His last one gives tips on declining engagement and how to work on getting it back up. James has been around as an influencer and a photographer for awhile now and gives us his insight in a comical way and maybe you’ll find his advice filled with humor too.

Also, Marie Forleo just gives us life! Her witty and real way of breaking problems down with a simple solution helps us get through the week. If you don’t know about this amazing woman, please learn more about her here because there’s just too much to list in this post. Her videos are quick, but they get you thinking. Val likes to watch her  Marie TV segments to get her week started and now we do too! Marie is all about helping you create a business and life you love. She is very inspiring regardless if you want to build a business or not, as her playlist ranges from building a meaningful business to finding clarity, passion, and purpose.

Last but not least, we’re also watching Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee. He is a social media guru who has invested in companies such as Twitter, Venmo, Uber and more. From being named New York Times Best-Selling author to speaking social media around the world, he gives you advice from a real vantage point and doesn’t tip-toe around the questions. He’s pretty raw and even though we’re all about luxe, we also love getting the real deal. You can watch Ask Gary Vee, where he’ll feature top bloggers like Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential and fellow YouTubers. By the way, Marie Forleo also interviewed him on her show, so that’s how you know he’s awesome!

If you’re starting out in business or need help transitioning, it’s important to get guidance from someone who has walked the path you want to go in to be a better blogger or business owner. Or just having someone to “edutain” you is always a good idea! We’re always adding content to the YouTube LUXE playlist and you can subscribe to see more of what we find helpful. So now that you know the 3 thought leaders we enjoy on YouTube, we’d love to know who you are watching and what thought leaders do you find interesting in your niche. Do share and stay tuned for our next round-up!


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