How To Perform Your Own Social Media Audit

Spring: a time for reinventing and new beginnings; and as important as spring cleaning is for your closet, makeup drawers, life—it’s just as important for your business! To us, spring is virtually in the air and that’s where audits come in. Don’t be frightened, though, we’re not talking about taxes. We’re talking about an audit for all your social media accounts. You’d be surprised what you can learn about your online presence through an audit, and even more surprised at how it’ll make managing your online accounts so much easier.

The importance of social media audits.

Over time, if you’re blogging or have a business trying to keep all your online platforms going, not only can it become overwhelming, it’s also easy to lose track of what’s generating the best results. A spring audit is important for all social media and online platforms as it can help keep things on track by providing a review of analytics based on content performance, traffic, and insights. It’s also a great way to reflect on the progress you’ve made over the year, see what needs to change and set goals for growth in the future.

How to perform an audit.

There are many online directories and sites that provide tools for performing audits for online profiles. Google Analytics, for example, has a special tab available just for social media. If you sign up or already have an account, the analytics page provides an overview of all your social networks with numbers for site visits, conversions, and landing pages, to name a few. Facebook also provides a similar feature with program tours and a quick start guide.

It’s important to keep in mind that taking note of the information these tools provide you with by creating a spreadsheet is a simple way to organize the results, making them easier to manage. By doing this you can locate all your social media files and determine which have a strong presence and which aren’t really serving a purpose; finding ways to improve or getting rid of it altogether.

What to expect from an audit. 

Social media allows a lot of customization these days, so take the time to review texts, images, links, and make sure that all options are being used so you have an individual profile that isn’t easy to duplicate. It’s also important that your images, avatars, themes, are consistent across all channels. This way your branding remains strong and you’ll receive better engagement from followers. Once this is updated, documenting the metrics for engagement, traffic, post frequency, etc. will prove useful when comparing where you are to where you were, and setting goals for the future.

At LOOKLIVELUXE we understand that a hard-working, busy woman running a career may not have the time to perform a spring audit, but we’d be more than happy to do one for you, among the many other services we provide! Online presence is becoming more important than ever, and we want to make sure your presence stays strong. Contact us today and if you haven’t already signed up for The LUXE Letter, get your name on our mailing list to get your free social media audit – a special offer lasting until the end of the month. Offer applies to only beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands or businesses.


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