Fashion & Fitness: Blending The Two

Last year, I caught wind of this trend. It wasn’t really a new one, but it was a trend I never was really into. Until I spotted a very stylized photo with a Chloe Drew Bag and a fresh pair of Nike Flyknit Roshes from Chronicles of Frivolity blogger Katey McFarlan’s Instagram account. These dark gray/wolf grey/black/white/ Flyknit Roshe Run were released back in February of last year, so by the time I can source them online…they were sadly sold out in my size!

It’s hard to believe that I was so influenced by this one particular post, but I’ve been on a journey of an active and healthy lifestyle since. It was my reason to indulge in a little athletic shopping and get a new pair of sneakers (the ones above). I didn’t get the pair I coveted from this Instagram post, but I did get a pair that’s similar and they are equally cute and quite comfortable. I’ve started my journey with new athletic shoes while blending two elements that I really love (one more than the other and obviously it’s fashion…for now). Do you find yourself more drawn to this new wave of athleisure that’s chic and comfortable? You can find some of my fave pieces to get fashionably fit here.

Katey McFarlan
Chronicles of Frivolity

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