3 Tech Devices We Can’t Live Without!

On this week’s Wednesday Weekly round-up, we’re sharing technology devices that help add value to a creative business. These are also the essentials we cannot live without, as they have leveled up our game. Big time. There a various types or brands but the three devices, we will mention are simply what we use and love!

A camera.

We’ve all been using an iPhone camera for a while now, but finally, we’ve indulged in a DSLR for product shoots and certain projects. We’ve found that a Canon Rebel T series that is wifi-enabled has been especially, user-friendly and helpful with our pursuits for this year and more to come. For on the go purposes we still favor and use our handy-dandy iPhone 7 or 7 plus. The images are amazing! Have you seen our IG lately? Mixed with inspiration and of course, our own images were taken with both an iPhone or a DSLR. Let us just say a DSLR will completely change your life, especially if you perform flat lays for your products.

An iPad.

Today’s smartphones are efficient enough to do light work on, but still not efficient enough as the screen or touchpad is a bit small. Laptops are great for portable reasons but can be a challenge to carry around constantly. Therefore, we’re left with the one and only iPad. The iPad mini to the iPad pro are the best options for us. They’re literally the best of both worlds. Don’t you think? Now that calligraphy and art are all the rage, the iPad Pro makes these a plus to use!

A power bank.

Alas, the power bank! Whoever created this is a genius. Our generation cannot sit in one place long enough to keep the devices we mentioned above charged, so this is a fave tool. For those constantly on the go, a power bank is a must-have! Just remember to at least charge these portable battery packs at night. Otherwise, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Now that we’ve mentioned our top three tech devices we luxe this week, we also want to let you know that we’re also hosting a giveaway tonight with a group of bloggers for a Canon Rebel T5 and an iPad! If you don’t have these items or you know who will love these as gifts, enter on our Instagram. Details will be given tonight at 10pm est. What are your top three tech devices?


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