LUXE Q&A with Taupe The Brand’s Creator Brandi Snyder

In the past few years, brows have become one of beauty’s biggest staples, not only to frame a face, but to frame businesses as well. Brows have become a force to reckon with in the beauty industry and many entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of the increasing need for great brows. From the genius mind behind Lavish Beauty & Brows, the hot brow salon that provides you with fabulous brows and the latest in microblading, comes a new brand of brow cosmetics—Taupe The Brand. With the wonderful success, Lavish Beauty has had, it’s no wonder Brandi Snyder, founder of the salon and upcoming brand, has started the new business venture. Brandi knows how important brows are; like it says on her site: “It’s not you, it’s your brows”—and now, after sharing her professional skills with everyone, she’s also sharing insight as well. We’ve had the pleasure to ask her a few questions about inspiration, balance, and tips to building a brand you love.

Read on below!

How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with it?

It all starts when you do what you love. It started with the brows. Since specializing in microblading at my own salon, I wanted to create a microblading safe brow powder, as many products are too harsh on this semi-permanent procedure. Once I decided to create one, I fell in love with the entire process and began an entire cosmetics company! Passion, dedication, and persistence is what launched Taupe.

Who shaped and created the direction of your brand/company?

“A lot of love and dedication goes into this process. It’s a much bigger undertaking than I imagined when I started the company, a labor of love. Formulating and creating each product is just so amazing. I am a creative OCD person so it’s incredibly rewarding! People do not realize the details involved in the process.”

How would you describe your lifestyle and how do you balance it with work?

“Um, busy. Running Taupe with my other business and as a mom of 3 boys it can be challenging. I get this question often and I never mind it. I love when I get messages from women commending me on all I do with all I have going on. It’s a balance, like everything in life. Just keep moving forward, sometimes you just need to be here now. One thing at a time!”

Do you incorporate branding in your personal life?

“YES! I am a full-time business woman. Always trying to stay one step ahead. Teaching my kids to do the same!”

Do you have any business or branding tips you’d like to share?

“Lucky just isn’t accurate for people that work hard. There’s nothing lucky about a decade of wise decisions. There’s nothing lucky about working smarter, harder and more dedicated than everyone around you. Blessings come to those who hustle. If you want something big in this life, intensify your focus, multiply your motivation, and dig your heels deep into a life of goals. Remember you can’t have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic and you can’t have a life you love without a lifetime payment of passion.”


Xoxo, Brandi Snyder

There’s nothing like a luxe entrepreneur that values and shares the importance of hard work and dedication! At LOOKLIVELUXE we appreciate anyone who shares their stories to inspire hard-working women to follow their dreams. Val has also had the pleasure of enjoying the gorge and gold 7-pc brush set from this new luxe brand, firsthand before it has launched. And if she thinks it’s a great product and has been using it ever since, then you should indulge in Brandi’s newest brand Taupe pre-launch special. In the meantime, if you’re local make sure to check out her brow services at Lavish Beauty and Brows in the meantime! Because we all need bold, beautiful brows to go with bold, beautiful women. Visit Brandi’s sites now for the #taupelife!


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