5 Tips to Creating a Lead Magnet

If you were able to catch our post from last week, 5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing, we shared how to generate leads using a tried and true online marketing technique. Well, this week we decided to follow it up with a post filled with tips on how to create a successful lead magnet that will actually get you leads to build your list and enhance your email marketing strategy.

If you’re not familiar with a lead magnet, it’s goal is to maximize the number or leads you are receiving via a fair trade, so-to-speak. You offer a potential client some sort of premium content, and they provide you with their email information hence, generating a lead. It may seem like an easy task, but creating a successful lead magnet takes some skill and a bit of knowledge. Read on to learn how to use lead magnets to attract potentials, and how to do it well.

1. Attract the people you want.

This all comes down to narrowing down on the specific group of consumers you’re trying to attract. Think of it like advertising: you wouldn’t spend time trying to sell to a general market; you would instead, target a specific demographic and promote to them. Same with lead magnets. Research your audience and cater to the specific group of people who are similar to your frequent visitors and would likely benefit from your products or services.

2. Keep it short and sweet.

When people receive emails, especially lead magnets, they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading a lengthy email or trying to decipher what it is they could possibly be getting. Make sure you state your proposition up front and keep it professional. If it’s too long, readers will most likely press delete. But, if it’s short and sweet, it’s sure to lead to site visits.

3. Focus on delivery.

It’s all about keeping things easy for any potential customer—that includes how you choose to deliver what they’re going to receive. Provide details that are easy to follow and make sure it is delivered in a format compatible with any computer. Whether it’s a PDF guide or simply the images included in the email, think it through. You don’t want the images on a lead magnet you worked hard on not show up on someone’s email. The presentation is one of the most important parts!

4. Offer what people need.

Get to know your audience and give them something they can’t resist. Anything from exclusive deals, promo codes, free consultations, guides, free trials—these are all great ideas for lead magnets. People love to feel special, and the opportunity to try new things or get a peek of your amazing products or services does just that. Plus, it’ll tap into their curiosity, which leads us to our last point: always leave them wanting more.

5. Always leave them wanting more.

The goal of a lead magnet is to not only generate leads to your site, but also, to create a new and lasting customer relationship. Sure, most people just want free things, but if done right, by offering another exclusive or a preview of what’s to come, you’ll have customers who will surely return and are more likely to complete a transaction in the future!

Lead magnets are a powerful way to gather information about your readers and create new relationships. As online marketing continues to evolve, so do lead magnets. But as long as you keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate them, they will continue to produce great results in the future. Contact us if you need more advice or need us to help generate leads with eye-catching lead magnets of your own, we’d love to work with you!

Featured image via Haute Chocolate


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