The New Instagram Features to Improve Engagement

Number one rule to success: never take the easy way out. That includes what some may consider lesser important projects, like social media. But, us LUXERs know just how important it can be to a brand and how it can help to majorly increase clientele and overall presence in the market.

We’re aware that this type of engagement requires quite the commitment. It’s not an easy task to maintain a genuine presence online, which is why many had turned to apps like Instagress (which is no longer avail by Instagram’s request), and similar alternatives to do the bidding for them. What people fail to realize is that automated engagement is an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly when the amount of brands affected by it are taken into account.

Social media engagement is important for networking and leveraging business partnerships. A generic, automated response like “nice shot,” “love your feed” and even “cool pic” on someone’s post isn’t an effective method for capturing his or her attention. What will lead you towards potential partnerships are authentic comments and engagement; the type of friendly, yet professional online interaction that intrigues others and makes them excited to want to work with you.

There are new features available on Instagram that still provide a great way to increase engagement in addition to liking and commenting.

  • Through Instastories, many brands and influencers have been able to share more of their personality and behind-the-scenes footage to seem more personable to their followers. Because any brand a person finds they can relate to is a brand they want to be a part of.
  • We mentioned CTA’s (call-to-action) in our last two blog posts like successful email marketing and lead magnets, and now the swipe-up feature (paid feature) on Instagram is yet another great CTA that has just made Instastories easier than ever. When sharing something on your story you want people to follow, Instagram has finally allowed you to provide a direct link to the page, product, or service you’re promoting.


  • The bookmark and collections features are also great additions that make engagement a bit easier. You can bookmark images (save them for later) to your collections tab and respond or provide a relevant comment on someone’s post when you have more time. Thorough, well thought out comments are greater appreciated by people and are better reciprocated.

When a brand enlists an influencer to promote their products or services, provided some sort of compensation, it is the influencers’ job to motivate their followers to check out said brand; thus resulting in higher traffic rates and eventually more sales. If they aren’t honestly receiving the amount of engagement that is projected to others, brands are really just wasting their resources and time.

We sympathize with those that are constantly trying to balance social media—among other things—like building a brand, which is why we’re here to help! We would be happy to take it upon ourselves to provide the proper presence and engagement needed for your brand to excel. Just take a look at our Instagram page and see how we take the time to maintain our social media presence.

Authentic engagement leads to authentic relationships or partnerships, and we’d love one of those partnerships to be with us! Contact us so we can chat and share with you how to utilize social media the right way.



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