LUXE Q&A With Co-Founder of the Fohr Card James Nord

At LOOKLIVELUXE, we’re all about encouraging creative people to follow their dreams and inspire others. Whether that means turning your passion of photography, fashion, beauty or all of the above into a career, it helps to be connected with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. We mentioned in a previous blog post, 3 Things to Look for When Leveraging an Influencer, the Fohr Card, a business that is focused on making the connection between brands and influencers more efficient. Therefore, changing the way influencers network and grow their personal brands as well as helping the brands they work with gain exposure. After attending Fohr U: The Conference earlier this month, we had the opportunity to ask James Nord, co-founder of Fohr Card, a few questions regarding the business and inspiration behind it.

Who shaped and created the direction of Fohr Card?

A lot of the direction of Fohr Card is rooted in the genesis of my working relationship with my Co-Founder, Rich Tong. I was working in marketing and running a popular Tumblr account but was having issues getting any work with brands. I met Rich and he connected me with Oscar de la Renta to shoot a Fashion Night Out party for them. From there, my life changed profoundly and fundamentally and we decided there was a space in the market to create a business that could help brands find and work with influencers more efficiently.2. How long did it take Fohr Card to take off?We had a lot of great traction early and launched with Kate Spade, Puma, KCD and Oscar de la Renta as our launch partners. But things really started picking up about a year and a half ago when influencers became a larger part of most brands’ marketing strategies.

How do branding and creativity currently inspire your business?

We are in the business of helping great brands tell their stories in new and creative ways, and creativity and a love of brands is baked into everything that we do as a company. If we can’t do something in a new or interesting way, I don’t have a huge interest in doing it.

Who currently inspires you?

For one, I am incredibly inspired by the over 16,000 influencers on our platform and make it a point to look at new influencers feeds every day. Other than that I live in the most interesting and inspiring city in the world and need only walk around the block if I am feeling in need of a jolt.

What organizations do you see Fohr Card collaborating with in the near future?

We don’t do too many collaborations, but we hope to continue to work with brands that inspire us!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share that would help other brands and bloggers create a meaningful experience when partnering?

I think it’s increasingly important that the partnership is overwhelmingly authentic. Brands and influencers should be very discerning when choosing to partner on a project.

Well, there you have it: an inside look into the workings of a business dedicated to creating a community that facilitates influencer and brand collaborations. If you have been considering new methods of getting in contact with people in the industry but never knew quite how, give the Fohr Card a try. It’s a community that celebrates influencers and gives you the support you need to pursue your creative dreams and become a full-time influencer. It’s never easy and it won’t happen overnight, but it’s a pretty solid step towards a happy and fulfilling future doing what you love!



Images via James Nord


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