Building an E-Commerce Business

Due to its convenience and mass outreach, e-commerce sites have been one of the fastest growing industries in the past few years. Many businesses have been turning to e-commerce and increasing their sales exponentially with the help of digital marketing experts, web developers and targeted SEO strategies. Although it may seem like a fairly simple task, it takes a great deal of thought, hard work, and patience to launch an e-commerce site—much like starting a business from the ground up. That’s why popular platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and Wix have been developed, to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to get started on their own.

Below we’re going to go through what each site offers in order to help you choose which platform would work best for you.


This site is great for anyone working alone or with a web developer with code free options to customize your site.

  • Multiple payment gateways are accepted: PayPal, Apple Pay, Pay with Amazon and many more
  • Omni-channel commerce site—sync inventory with Facebook, Pinterest , eBay, Amazon and more
  • Reach more shoppers with other integrated marketing channels like Google Shopping
  • Free 15-day trial with monthly subscriptions starting at $29.95. Upgrade to Plus or Pro for more features


Perfect for those with little experience or design skills on online platforms as they provide ready-to-use site templates with different themes (one sure to match your business)

  • Everything from marketing and payments, to checkout and shipping is handled.
  • Fully customize your web page, add new sales channels, and manage products and inventory all in one convenient place
  • Provided with the opportunity to sell on sales channels like Pinterest and Amazon
  • 14-day free trial with no risk or credit card required. Monthly subscriptions range from Basic (starting at $29) to Advanced



This platform is a website builder that provides all the necessities for free with the option to upgrade to a premium plan at any time.

  • Easy customization with templates containing drag & drop features for images, videos and text
  • Wix SEO Wiz: a personalized SEO plan for your business
  • Mobile editor for apps—make changes to fit your mobile app site on your desktop


Take a look at these sites and what they have to offer before you begin your e-commerce venture. They provide a great deal of support for anyone with or without much experience in web site development. You can always enlist someone like us with experience in building commerce sites to help launch your dreams of expanding into this industry as well, since we recently launched The Little LUXE Shop, a mother/daughter venture to add affordable luxe to your girl or lady boss’ jewelry collection. Check it out and let us know what you think or contact us for more information on building your site. We’d love to be a part of it!


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