LUXE Q&A with 42 Dubonnet’s Mother-Daughter Duo

As you may or may not know, we covered The Makeup Show again this year and this time we took to a very seducing beauty line filled with secrets, 42 Dubonnet. A newly launched mother-daughter cosmetic line that passes on beauty secrets from the 1920s. You know we definitely had to learn more about this beautiful vintage and Art Deco inspired brand, as we love this era (who doesn’t after seeing The Great Gatsby with leading man Leonardo Di Caprio?). When delving into this beauty brand, we found out that it’s more than meets the eye. Therefore, we wanted to share 42 Dubonnet with you all!  Read on to learn how mother-daughter Ann McCracken and Lauren Casgren-Tindall brought their alluring vision and their charitable mission to life.

How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with it?

42 Dubonnet is a vintage-inspired makeup line for gals on-the-go. As a mother-daughter team, we created 42 Dubonnet makeup to bring the allure, mystery and electricity of 1920s Art Deco Miami Beach to you, wherever you are. The 1920s were not only a time for Art Deco, it was also the time of Prohibition with it’s secret passwords and speakeasies. Where on an ordinary evening, you’d walk through a corridor, down the stairs, and into a secret world where a flurry of anticipation would welcome you…where you’d feel so intoxicated, so glamorous, so in the moment, and so surrounded by possibilities, that you knew life wasn’t waiting any more—it was happening!

We believe that even if you’re not in Miami Beach, you deserve the power of spontaneity, the ability to ignite your own mystical allure—tucked away discretely inside your purse at all times. Anywhere you go—you can open the door to your own, personal speakeasy.

Who shaped and created the direction of your brand?

One evening in Miami Beach we sipped drinks on Lauren’s balcony and Lauren started to get her clutch together for dinner. As we spoke about the feelings of glamour and freedom that Miami Beach awakened, Lauren looked up from her makeup bag and said: “Remember Grandma’s vintage compacts? They were so beautiful and so petite. Why don’t they make those anymore? They would fit perfectly in my clutch.” The seed of 42 Dubonnet was planted.

How does branding and creativity inspire your business?

Our colorful, Art Deco packaging is integral to our brand with patterns and colors inspired by the 1920s with a modern twist to give it a modern vintage feeling. Just looking at the packaging fills us with a vibrancy, energy and glamour and it provides a personal, intimate connection both for us and for our customers. The Art Deco period represents a nostalgic time and can provide a brief refuge from the sometimes overwhelming times in which we live, bringing a person’s imagination back to a more simple time where there were no cell phones or computers.

We bring creativity and branding to shipping when we ship our products in colorful packaging which delights our customers when they receive their packages.

Who is your role model/icon in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or business?

Our role models are the women of the 1920s. My mother (Lauren’s grandmother) and her friends grew up in the 1920s and passed down to me that a woman should never let a man see her put on her makeup. “It ruins the allure.” Women in the 20s kept their beauty rituals from men to create mystery. This is one of our secrets and is why at 42 Dubonnet we “keep your beauty secrets, secret”. For our other 2 secrets, check out our April 5, 2017 blog on our website at
If our role model can be a thing, it would be Vogue Magazine because it evokes the same feeling we want to create, that allure, mystery and electricity that happens when you turn the pages.

Who do you see your brand collaborating with in the future?

In terms of the business side of things, we plan to collaborate with more beauty bloggers and MUAs to promote brand awareness.

Because we love animals and are a PETA-registered cruelty-free brand (under our main company, Speakeasy Cosmetics LLC), we donate a portion of our net product sales to the Everglades Foundation which supports our initiative and whose mission is “protecting and restoring one of the world’s unique natural ecosystems.” In the future, we plan to expand our charitable giving program and would like to hear from our customers about their favorite charities.

How would you describe your lifestyle and how do you balance it with work?

With our main location in Miami Beach, the beach lifestyle always draws us to balance work. You may have seen our beach pictures on our Instagram page. We take our makeup with us wherever we go with our active lifestyles and you will see pictures of all the places we go, from morning yoga on the beach to the golf club to the tennis court.

Do you incorporate branding in your personal life?

Branding ideas are all around, from a new design that catches our eyes in the market to beautiful art creations at Art Basel in Miami. We replenish our ideas through new experiences and ideas in our everyday life and our travels.

Do you have any business or branding tips you’d like to share?

It’s crucial that consumers see “you” in your brand. It’s important to stand out by gaining trust through brand storytelling and relationship-building.

So there you have it! 42 Dubonnet is on the rise with its allure, mystery and electric vibes for the girl who craves a brand that not only satisfies their beauty needs, but also has a powerful mission. Head over to 42 Dubonnet to learn more behind their beauty brand and to help support their mission. Secret password? LUXE! 



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