5 Reasons Why I Love Amazon Prime

As a small business owner there are many reasons to cut down on certain expenses (p.s. marketing isn’t one of them), but unnecessary expenses like shipping. It’s one of the main reasons that Amazon has become my go-to for business supplies or just random cuteness. I found that saving on shipping or even signing up for a business account on Amazon has been the best thing ever. With Prime Day (the largest global retail day on Amazon) starting at 9pm/et and offering a 30-day free trial to get going is such a great time to take advantage of deals! Don’t you agree?

I’m sure you all know by now that with Amazon you can shop for endless possibilities! So here are my 5 top reasons for having a business account and becoming an Amazon Prime member:

1. Free 2-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime offers 2-day shipping for free when you’re a prime member. Their regular free ground shipping service is usually 5-8 days. So now you get to have a smile on your face delivered sooner.

2. Shop small businesses 

I’m all about shopping small and supporting local businesses, but sometimes you can’t find some of the things in just one store. Instead, Amazon helps these stores get traffic and exposure, which helps you find an array of items to add to your cart with one click of a button.

3. Earn when you shop

Amazon’s business account or the Amazon Prime store card and credit card allows you to earn 5% back on the purchases you make. Who doesn’t want to earn money when spending money?

4. Support your favorite charity

Both the business and prime account gives you the option to support the charity of our choice with Amazon Smile! Who also doesn’t want to give back, while shopping?

5. PRIME Day deals!

Lastly, Amazon Prime presents their largest shopping day of the year starting today at 9pm/et. It’s a 30 hour sale that’s more than free shipping.

So go check out what kind of deals you can indulge in now. Sign up here to start your 30-day free trial and save on tons of amazing things! For those who like to especially accessorize, you can find my marble laptop case here!







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