Being Intentional With Your Business

I’m back to sharing Monday motivation and this week I want to share a little about being intentional. Too many people lose focus on what they want and instead of pursuing their dreams or whatever it is that they want in a linear direction, they’re scattered. I know this gal here has been guilty of it!

I know exactly what I want, but like many other small business owners, bloggers or even new entrepreneurs we are most likely to get redirected, especially when things do not go our way. Now there’s a healthy balance of pivoting when you’ve tried multiple things and it hasn’t stuck or become a success. On the other hand, if you are intentional with your business or even in life, you develop a sense of structure to where you may not need to pivot.

For LOOKLIVELUXE, it was not an intentional plan to become a boutique marketing agency. It actually started from a lifestyle blog that then led to this path. It has been such great path that I was led down (with ups and downs, of course) and there is so much that it can evolve into. Therefore, being intentional at this point is very important. So what does being intentional really mean? To me, it means to focus on your goals and tackle them with intention, regardless of distractions or fear. According to Women 2.0, one of the 5 ways to Be an Intentional Entrepreneur is to be intentional with your time!

It’s so easy to let your inbox dictate your to-do list, or to be distracted by the latest craze on social media, but it’s critically important to guard your time like you would your bank account. – Katie Lance

Today it was my intention to engage with my readers and social media followers, in order to build a better community for LOOKLIVELUXE. What will you do with intention today that will help you achieve your goals?


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