Attracting Your Ideal Client

It’s no secret that most of us have favorites when it comes to who we want to work with. It could be your favorite brand or your favorite customer, also known as your ‘ideal client.’ But what if the customers who want your services or products are not your ideal client or target market? Do you ever find yourself wondering why the services or products that you created are not resonating with your ideal client? Could it be that you haven’t really identified who they are or may not exactly be talking to them. This goes back to our previous post Being Intentional With Your Business. If you do things with intention you can begin to attract your ideal client.

We are storytellers and therefore we tell brand stories, rather than sell them. Our ideal clients are emerging or national beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. These niches are what we’re best at, so we like to attract our target market by showing it via social media and on our website. Is your ideal client a young professional lady who likes to dress trendy, but still professional? Then share that on your website or social media channels. Share trendy professional women wearing your apparel and what their lifestyle would look like wearing your brand. Be clear and concise on who your ideal client is and you should attract it. However, sometimes your brand may be telling a different story. Maybe it’s speaking to another audience, regardless of what you depict your brand to be. This is when you may have to make adjustments and look deeper into your brand and its ideal client or customer.

If you’re having a problem identifying your ideal client or even finding them, we’re more than happy to help at LOOKLIVELUXE because adding luxe to businesses is what we do!

Via Erika Brechtel


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