LUXE Q&A With Twiirly App Co-Founder Doreen Theverapperma

As most of you all know, I have been selected to join Team Twiirly. The new app that is designed to connect influencers and bloggers with their followers via video chat. Twiirly is quite different though, as it allows these admired bloggers to monetize their sessions. In becoming a Twiirly Blogger myself, I was asked 13 questions about who I am and how I created LOOKLIVELUXE to help followers gain insight on the kind of sessions that I will host. So it was only right to ask one of the co-founders of Twiirly to share their insight on what made them bring the Twiirly App into fruition! Today, software developer and co-founder Doreen Theverapperma, also known as Doreen Code, was asked to answer a few questions of our own and thankfully, she obliged. Read on to find out why Twiirly is what it is today!

How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with it?

Twiirly is creative, empowering and inspiring.

When ever I get dressed up with a favorite dress I do a Twirl, because I feel good about myself. I wanted Twiirly to be that good feeling.

Who shaped and created the direction of Twiirly?

Initially it was my idea in the head what Twiirly is going to be about. But as the #twiirlyfamily grew with creative bloggers they are adding to the brand.

How does branding and creativity inspire your business?

When I see what Twiirly as become in this short time, I am more and more inspired to create the idea which was in my head a reality, I see the possibilities.

Who is your role model/icon in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or business?

role model – my mom and grandma
icon in fashion – Katharine Hepburn
business – Every founder/blogger I get to meet and learn about, I learn something from each of them.

Who do you see your Twiirly App collaborating with in the future?

We would like to collaborate with more small business owners.

How would you describe your lifestyle and how do you balance it with work?

There is no balancing! You adjust as you go.

 Do you incorporate branding in your personal life? 

This is something I am learning from our Twiirly bloggers everyday. I have a long way to go.

Do you have any business or branding tips you’d like to share? 

Be consistent and stick to your gut feeling.

This savvy start-up and lifestyle blogger is talented as well as inspiring. We’re always in awe of fellow girl bosses and how they add luxe to their business and life. Doreen is adding more as she goes and twirling along the way! Join her platform today and connect with your favorite bloggers including Twiirly App co-founder Kat Ensign of KatWalkSF and myself! Hope to see you soon on Twiirly!

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