Only Hire People Passionate About Your Brand

It’s that time again! Each semester or quarter you will find many marketing firms like LOOKLIVELUXE and other businesses recruiting interns! With classes set to resume soon and students eager to obtain internship credits to satisfy their curriculum, we are happy to announce that we are also accepting fall internships. While internships are temporary, I still find it very important to bring people on board that are passionate about  the company (use plus to those who have also done their research and already follow us on social media). It makes for an amazing experience for both parties, don’t you agree?

In learning the very importance of hiring only people passionate about your brand, I noticed that this was two-fold. For LOOKLIVELUXE this was not only meant for recruiting a set of creative, task-oriented and goal-driven interns, but also for being a work place worthy to intern or work for. I pride myself on being able to assist interns with their goals and asking their input to make it a collaborative process, because the goal is to nurture these interns into a permanent position. Although, it isn’t always possible I still want there to be a positive takeaway with each intern I bring on board.

When you recruit are you taking their “fit” into consideration? Or are you just in desperate need to get some help for your business? Would you want to hire someone who doesn’t get your vision, respect your brand or like it for that matter? No (that’s my answer, at least). Not only is it not smart to hire people who are not passionate about your brand, it can be detrimental to your brand or business. Your workforce or internships should be made up of a team that can turn them into brand ambassadors. Your business depends on it, as it does mine!

What has your experience recruiting been like? I’d love to know!

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