3 Top Pumps To Enjoy at The Office

One may be wondering why this is even a topic on here, but today is Wednesday and we’re reviving the weekly round-up posts. Therefore, as a blog filled with marketing tips and inspiration in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries, we chose to discuss our top 3 pumps to enjoy at the office.

At LOOKLIVELUXE, chicness and comfort are important to incorporate into your work wardrobe. Especially, when your brand or company exudes it. So it’s only right that we like to dress the part.

We’ve been told many times by our Editor-in-LUXE that if you look good, you simply feel good and she couldn’t be more right. Feeling like you’re put together helps you have a productive day, regardless if you work out of your home or in an office. But comfort is also the utmost of importance to us and that’s why we picked out our top 3 pumps that are found to not only be cute but also comfortable.


Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 2.43.40 PM


Schutz Gilberta Pumps



Kate Spade Lydia Pumps


Calvin Klein Neema Pump


These three pumps are just a few of our faves that are comfortable and chic! What pumps are you currently into? Do you feel good when you look good or could care less? Inquiring minds want to know!

*Post includes affiliate links-please refer to our disclaimer, as our opinions are our own.


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