Overcoming Obstacles

Have you ever felt like giving up, because there were too many obstacles? In business we are often met with challenges that are enough to close-up shop. But what if I told you these challenges or obstacles are necessary for growth. Sometimes having everything too easily makes you not appreciate it as much. I once had a great paying career and was able to spend freely, but at the cost of slaving long hours overnight. It was satisfying to help people, but not enough to feel burnt out from it. Now as a business owner, I cannot spend as freely because as you know the need to be prepared for anything is imperative (though, this is the same as if you had a steady paycheck). In both instances, I was still appreciative because I worked and still work hard for it. And….of course, there were moments when I wanted to re-enter the corporate world, because of the stress of being an entrepreneur. You know the type of stress where you have to deal with non-paying clients, products not selling fast enough or worse…no clients or no customers.

However, these come with the territory of being a business owner. There’s the good, the bad and the real ugly of being an entrepreneur. You have to take them all in, if you truly want to be one. Dealing with obstacles gives you an opportunity to also see if what you’re doing is worth it. If it’s a yes, I say keep going and make some tweaks along the way. If you feel like it isn’t after doing some soul-searching, research and development, financial investing that’s not turning into ROI…then you know what time it is. Maybe that particular business, product wasn’t the right fit and could save you from making those mistakes in your next venture.

Obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for. – unkown


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