3 Top Hi-Tech Beauty Picks of The Week

In the age of beauty and the constant need to slow down the aging process, technology has evolved to meet such desires. So this brings us to our weekly round-up of our fave high-tech beauty  devices that have raving reviews. We’re even dying to add a couple of these to our own beauty arsenal, as we’ve seen these in the hands or on the faces of top bloggers. But there’s one particular device that has once been only used by celebrities, but is now made accessible to all beauty aficionados! And…we’re definitely excited about it! Read on to learn about these 3 top hi-tech beauty picks for this week.


1. Clarisonic Smart Profile -Uplift

The Clarisonic Smart Profile has been spotted a lot lately, especially on Instastories via (Lauryn Evarts – Blogger of The Skinny Confidential). The recently introduced device isn’t like your Clarisonic like the Mia, Aria or Alphafit series. The Smart Profile Uplift beats its predecessors in the fact that it not only cleanses the skin of impurities, but also revitalizes your face by targeting 15 signs of aging on your face, neck, and décolleté. It took nine years of research to create the Uplift that comes with a massager attachment that can also be purchased separately. Start firming your skin and reducing fine lines or wrinkles today with our first pick.


2. NuFace On-The-Go Facial Toning Device


As cute as this NuFace mini on-the-go micro current roller is, it packs a mean punch. This device is sure to tone your face in a way that it feels like you’re working it out. Actually, you are! The NuFace has been coined as fitness for your face. Microcurrent technology is said to mimic the body’s natural current and goes beyond skin deep to tone facial muscles while improving contour, skin tone and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles empowering newly defined, refreshed and radiant-looking skin. You can indulge in this cute set by clicking the link above.


3. LED Neutrogena Face Mask


This beauty pick is probably the most techie and futuristic looking of the three beauty devices and the least expensive. It actually looks pretty scary but does wonders. According to Refinery 29, LED face masks have been seen on the likes of Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and even Kelly Rowland. LED light therapy works based on the type of light used. For example, the red light stimulates collagen and elastin, while the blue light targets acne, and lastly the pink light boosts skin repair. The stronger the light therapy, the faster and better the results, which is more costly. However, Neutrogena has made an inexpensive option that has good results for acne prone skin but will require more time to see the results. Give it a try!



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