LUXE Q&A with The Sarah Soliman of Soliman Productions

If there’s one thing we appreciate at LOOKLIVELUXE it’s seeing other women-owned businesses excel and pave the way for other female entrepreneurs. Sarah Soliman, the beautiful Founder of Soliman Productions is a great example of this. As fellow members of a downtown Orlando business club Citrus, we were able to connect and share our passion for business, more specifically on branding and marketing it. It made sense for me to share her story on how she built a successful fast growing production company that exudes her confident personal brand. Sarah took a leap of faith and soared in her first year of business! Today we will find out how. Read on…

1. How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with it?

The Soliman Productions brand is a reflection of me, Sarah Soliman. I always felt like my personal brand was strong so it only made sense to merge the two. We are a “people first” kind of business where we lead with our hearts and with passion to get the job done. I truly believe that’s why we’ve been able to see fast growth in the company.

2. Who shaped and created the direction of Soliman Productions?

The company’s direction is a result of my experience in the workforce. I was tired of seeing employees mistreated and this was my way of not only doing what I love, which is production, but also giving people an opportunity to express their creativity in a place where their ideas and opinions are respected and heard.

3. How does branding and creativity inspire your business?

It’s definitely a collaborative effort. Our team is made up of so many different personalities that bring something unique to the table. So through our team, creativity is at the forefront.

4. Who is your role model for business?

There are certain businesses I truly admire that continuously live up to their brand. For example, Southwest Airlines is incredible at making their customers feel important. The flight attendants are approachable, friendly and exude a true passion for their job.

5. Do you have any business or branding tips you’d like to share?

Being authentic in your personal brand and in your business brand is key. People should see a piece of you within your business. It’s part of building trust and long-term genuine relationships. I also recommend positioning yourself as the expert in the industry you’re in by creating content you can share at no cost on your social media marketing efforts, email blasts, etc…

Sarah gives us great insight on her path to becoming a successful #bossbabe and shares useful tips on branding your business. It’s truly important to be an authentic brand, as she is, but more so to be a confident one. With storytelling in the form of video becoming more popular each day, it’s important to implement branding through and through to position yourself as the expert in the industry. And as Sarah has put it, 

People should see a piece of you within your business.

We couldn’t agree more! You can find out more about strong visual branding by visiting Soliman Productions. 


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