Hope Is Not a Strategy, It’s a Feeling

Once upon a time, I was very naive and believed that if I were positive and hopeful things would work out. Being hopeful in life would be considered a law of attraction but in business, it’s just not really about that. Hope for business should not be a thing other than a feeling and is definitely not recommended as a resource. Instead, there should be a strategy in place for your business. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen businesses take the wheel but not have any direction as to where they’re headed. It’s important to know where you’re going when there’s a goal in mind and when to make a detour when things don’t pan out. Such directions would be in a form of a strategy whether it’s for an overall business plan, financial plan or marketing plan.

It was Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who first use the phrase “hope is not a strategy” and I consider him a genius because it’s so true. This is by far one of my favorite mantras that have given me great insight as a small business owner. Though it’s not wrong to be optimistic or feel hopeful in business, you just have to back it up with a strategic plan. Business owners, both big and small should have a plan that they can always reference, measure and tweak along the way.

If you’ve been letting hope drive your business, then you may need help with creating a strategy that will drive results, expand your reach, increase sales and put more money in your pockets….cha-ching. If you need a marketing strategy, you know where to find us and if you don’t, be sure to visit us at LOOKLIVELUXE!


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