You, Me & Virtual Coffees: National Coffee Day

It is National Coffee Day and we at LOOKLIVELUXE are more than excited to celebrate with you all! Our Latte-lovers from Lattes and Laptops are rejoicing right now and our cups have never runneth over quite as much as they will today and…we’re not even mad at it. A warm mug of our favorite drink of all time can put us all in the mindset to grab our laptops and get things done. We mean, it is a proven fact that coffee, lattes specifically, are essential to making the workdays less mundane than they have to be …at least we think so.

Over a year ago, we created our community Lattes and Laptops for the sole purpose of providing a place for meaningful conversations for like-minded bloggers, creatives, and tech-enabled businesses. Sometimes work can become unbearable and the urge to close your laptop and give up for the day is almost avoidable.We get it! We all need friendly reminders of why we love what we do and inspiration from those who go through the same motions. That’s where the Facebook Group of L&L steps in.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we welcome you all to stop by the page to promote any updates on your businesses, blogs, or any events that are up and coming. We’ll make sure to continue to provide some Monday inspiration that we all desperately need from time to time and great reads from different articles that can provide insightful ideas all over virtual lattes.

Stop by and join our tribe. We welcome you all! Now, we gotta jet and take advantage of this coffee-bration and we’ll meet you back over at the group for a chat. Deal?

See you there!


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