leveraging instastories or insta live

Leveraging Instagram Stories & Instagram Live

Over the years, Instagram has expanded into a more interactive, engaging tool to invite your followers to see your company’s personality and touch. With Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, users can view live streaming videos, photos, and stories to be in the moment with you.

Below, we will give a few ways to leverage Instagram live and Instagram stories for your brand’s benefit.

Behind the Scenes

Instagram is an excellent platform for customers to see behind the scenes and view the daily happenings of a company. Whether it’s a lunch meeting, showing off the office space, or just to say “Hi’ to everyone, is a great way to keep your brand fresh. Using photographs or short videos creates a personalized stamp on your brand’s voice and culture. Your stories are viewable for 24 hours with the option to personalize them with some added flare with apps such as Boomerang, your favorite emojis, regular text or even creative graphics. New blog post? Share it on Instagram! You also have the opportunity to give your audience real-time luxe with Instagram Live and show them what you’re up to. This is your chance to get everything out without overly marketing yourself.


Another way to connect with your audience is to collaborate with another brand, influencers, or celebrity on Instagram. This is a perfect way to tap into new audiences and uniquely connect with your audience. Having the influencer endorse your services and what they love about them, markets your brand further than just on your account. Let them see your service in action! Reviews are everything to keep your brand afloat and hearing them outside your brand earns bragging rights about how amazing you are. Add direct links and get those new set of eyes to your website, blog, and other social media platforms to learn more. An Instagram takeover is another way that you can collaborate where you allow the influencer of your choice to engage with your followers for the day, again, bringing their audience to your page.


Maybe there is a workshop that you would love to get your audience involved with? Having a live event allows you to interact with your audience and receive the feedback from a product or event right there on the spot. You can answer questions or demonstrate new products to get your following familiar more with who you are as a brand.

Taking Action

This is where your followers get involved. Creating a unique hashtag campaign and tagging your name can encourage your audience to share their experiences with you. This can also surpass the platform of Instagram and cross over to Pinterest, Facebook, and many more social media apps. You can then share their posts on your story or account showing your appreciation and the great reviews you are receiving.

The possibilities are endless. Instagram Stories and Instagram Live have proven to be a valuable tool to engage and market yourself for an allotted time or 15 seconds or less. Going live often can start a trend for yourself and can reach outside of your already devoted followers. Now it’s time to capitalize and reap the benefits of Instagram for you and your company! If you are lost as to where to get started, we are definitely here for you over at LOOKLIVELUXE! It’s part of our content creation service that we’re thrilled to offer to emerging and national brands!


Featured Image via Sydne Style


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