Capturing Your Style: 7 Tips For Personal or Business Brands


Some of you may know about fashion and design blogger Aimee Song’s book Capture Your Style, and if you don’t, it’s a guide on how to really capture yourself and transform your photos for the gram’. We absolutely recommend her book and that’s why we feel it’s important to capture not only your personal style but to capture your business style as well. We already know that Instagram and social media itself, is a visual platform and the perfect way to let your personal style shine through for yourself and your brand! However, curating an aesthetically-pleasing online presence is key to success and to set yourself apart from the many blogs or businesses out there. There are so many ways to stand out from photos to videos, themes, or filters. Everything you put out there represents you or your business. So, we’ve narrowed it down to seven great tips to help you on achieving the overall look and feel of your brand that you desire.

1. Content

What is your personal blog, business or social media about exactly? Content is what makes or breaks your social media account and what your business/personal style is. Choosing the right pictures is key. When new or devoted followers gaze at your page, a decision is made pretty quick on if they will hit the follow/unfollow button. While your new puppy Lilah may be adorable to you, is that the right thing to post on your social media accounts? Does it follow your trend of posts?

2. Theme

When it comes to theme, everything must be cohesive. If your style is more glamorous, be sure to not stray away from that. The point of your blog or microblog (also known as Instagram) is to let the world know who you are and what you’re about. Color themes are great to keep your blog cohesive. Keep a schedule of what you post and when you post it. Be unique, but stay authentic. Whatever your personal style is for you or your business, let it shine through!

3. Editing Process

The key to keeping the consistency on all your social media platforms is to edit your photos the same way. Ever heard of VSCO Cam? Try it. It works wonders by putting certain filters! You can also you Photoshop to create filters as well. Make sure that when you use these filters that it’s the same filter each time you post on Instagram. I’m telling you, we’re getting technical here. When we mean technical we mean that when you change the saturation, exposure, contrast, etc. each of your photos should be set at the same level. This way your theme would look clean and consistent!

4. High Quality

The quality of the photo is important! When sharing a photo, it’s best to use a photo that is clear and shows high definition. When you put a pixelated or blurry picture on your feed people may scroll past your photo and not give it a chance to capture what you’re depicting in your caption. Choose your pictures wisely, and make sure they are clear. Your audience will appreciate the quality in your photos and you will definitely get a double tap on each picture!

5. Voice

Captions are the hardest thing to come up with when you’re posting. You can either be funny, bubbly, sarcastic or keep it simple. Your personal or business voice is important, it shows your character. We would consider writing your caption as if you are talking to a friend so it’s more natural and highlights your personality! On the other hand, if you’re a business professional, keep your voice professional yet engaging for your audience.

6. Engage

Commenting, liking, and responding to photos will increase your audience. If you come across, let’s say–Val’s photo and you comment on it, people will see the comment and think “who is that?”. This will automatically make them click on your profile and peruse your feed. It’s crucial finding people that share similar interests, as this type of engagement may keep you connected. It may also give you some inspiration or possibly a chance for collaborations!

7. Hash or Tag Your Life Away

Lastly, are you wearing a cute #OOTD (outfit of the day) or is someone wearing your brand? Hashtag or tag the name of the brand or influencer in your photo. New business venture? Include your name, the name of the event or the campaign i.e. #LUXEBeGreat. This is how you can get new eyes on your account and further showcase your style for Instagram. You are allotted 30 different hashtags, take advantage! Hashtags are also commonly used on Twitter and now Facebook.

Though these tips are very useful in sharing your personal or business brand, the most important thing is to be authentic. Whether it’s posting pictures of your outfits or capturing a night out with your team, the whole purpose is for you to show who you and what you’re about by the photos you choose. Be mindful, take your time to create content that speaks your brand and share what you want to see and what you want others to see. Have fun capturing, curating and sharing! If you found other ways to capture your style, do share! On Instagram? Drop your IG handle in the comment section for a follow!


Featured Image via LOOKLIVELUXE


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