8 Tips on Marketing Your New Jewelry Line

So, you’ve created your own jewelry line and now you want to turn your passion into a selling machine. However, knowing where to start and how to stand out from other brands…is a whole different story, as it’s very challenging. Yet, with all that excitement you’re looking for ways to market your new jewelry to the world and haven’t got a clue on the next steps. First, congratulations and know that we got you! It’s time to reach your target market and give them an amazing experience. Here, we have gathered eight great tips on marketing your new jewelry line that could steer you in the right direction.

1. Branding

Our first tip is to start with branding. When we think of branding, we automatically think it is the same as marketing. Sorry girl, this is a big misconception. Branding goes so much deeper than marketing. Marketing is all about communicating the voice and personality. Branding, on the other hand, is all of that and developing those traits. This is where you focus on the values of your brand, personality and voice, culture, and how you choose to communicate to your audience. Once you have all of that, you’re good to go onto marketing your fabulous jewels.

2. Social Media

Social Media has become a big phenomenon in businesses now. If your brand or jewelry line doesn’t have any social media accounts, you’re a little behind! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great tools to use to market your new jewelry line. YouTube is also a great strategy as well. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, this is a great way to gain organic search results while providing an intimate look at your new line. Social Media helps you connect with your customers as well as exposing your brand awareness. The networking platforms are also a great way to showcase your brand through photos and videos.

Also, get your audience involved! A great idea to get your audience to engage is using a call to action with maybe asking a question, writing “like if you agree,” “tell us your favorite” or “tag a friend.” But don’t leave it all up to your audience to engage! Even if your post is scheduled, be sure to check back in to answer any questions or concerns or just to interact with everyone to maintain and grow your relationships with your audience.

3. Photos

In order for the product to sell, the photos have to be just right. Not only should you model them off on an actual person, but present them perfectly using a flat lay. No matter how great your jewelry may be, if the pieces are not presented just as great, they can easily be looked over. Using a high-quality camera or a phone with a great camera will get the job done too, just make sure you have the right lighting and editing to let your jewels shine!

4. Collaborate

In the world of jewelry, finding a great blogger or a brand influencer will help you market your brand. Finding the perfect person to collab with is difficult, but it’s always important to find someone who works well with your product as well as your business. Scroll through Instagram and find someone who has a similar style and aesthetic to your brand! This is another place where YouTube can come in to play. With using a well-known vlogger personality, they could give a review on your new pieces when you send them a PR package. If they love it, their fans will see your new line, in return driving sales up for you. If not, that’s your chance to grow and correct the mistakes you’ve made. It all works out great for you the end by receiving that feedback you need. Contact them and begin the collaborating process!

5. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to attract viewers. The key is to not only blog about your new jewelry pieces but to also take advantage of the search engine optimization or SEOs that is a result of quality content. To drive traffic and profits, a great tip is to choose the correct keywords and use them frequently. With keywords, it does take patience but will lead to great results. Advertise your blogs on your social media accounts and vice versa and always keep your online store link in your posts!

6. Facebook Ads

We know that we have talked about social media accounts a little, but let’s talk about Facebook Ads. Facebook Advertising is such a great asset for gaining more fans while spending less. And we all love to save money. On Facebook, the format of the ads is eye catching and accessible on any device that your audience is using. You can choose your audience based on demographics or behaviors and the tools accessible through Facebook Ads allows you to see how much of an impact that the advertisements have done for your business. The advertisements now cross over to Instagram as well which drives more attention to your brand’s page and online store.

7. Email Marketing

People are able to check emails on their phone, which is very useful. Send out emails at least, monthly to let your customers know what’s “new” “on sale” or “trending”. This can also be a catalog of your new products, events coming up, or a “20%” off discount on their purchase! By sending emails, your new and old customers will be informed and connected with your brand. Make sure to provide a personal experience for them as well with content such as “happy birthdays”.

8. Events

Host an event and showcase your brand. This will give attendees first hand experience on your brand or product! Creating events will let you interact with your customers, reach your targeted audiences, and make valuable connections. Make the event memorable, so that when the event is over, they’re still talking about your brand or product. P.S. don’t forget to post the events on your social media accounts and emails! You can even have a pop-up shop in an area that is frequently visited locally or in a new city.

These eight marketing strategies or tips listed are sure to create great results for you and your new jewelry line. Take full advantage of different platforms and remember to remain consistent with your campaign. The most important part is to have fun! Creating your own jewelry line is an accomplishment in itself and you should enjoy it as much as you can.

What marketing strategies have you used so far? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.


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