6 Tips To Flat Lay The LUXE Way

What exactly is a flat lay? Flat lay photography is simply taking a picture from straight up above, but surprisingly, there is more to it than that. Sparkly accessories, folded clothes, and magazine covers – #flatlay is currently “in”. Flat lays are a way to display your story with different pieces all at once in an aesthetically pleasing way. You see these great flat lays on social media and you’re wondering how do they do it? What’s the secret? Well, we got you covered. Keep reading and get 6 tips on how to flat lay the luxe way! With your creativity, time, and practice you can soon become a flat lay master!

1. Props

What theme are you going for? From beauty blogs to just capturing a chic pic, make sure to choose to the right props that evoke what you’re going for. Pick a lot of different props and play around with them. Add some in and take some out, this where your creativity should be fluid. Pick objects that vary in size and shape to add a little dimension and create a visually pleasing shot.

2. Color Scheme and Background

Choose unifying colors to create your perfect picture. Try to choose 2 to 3 colors to provide a consistent theme for your image.

Adding textures like a fur throw or rug adds a touch of LUXE to your shot, a bed with a comfy “I don’t want to get out of bed” look, or just a plain white background for your props to be the main event; the possibilities are endless!!

3. Angles

It’s time to take yourself to new heights to create that perfect shot. Grab a ladder or step stool and get to shooting. To really make your image look flat and have everything fitting the frame, you must create some distance. Don’t be afraid to take a few shots and move things around in order to get things just right.

4. Lighting

One of the most crucial rules to flat lay images is to shoot in natural light, preferably morning or afternoon. This is so that there are no shadows casted to ruin your shot. Avoid using any kind of lamp to brighten the photos when you could just edit them later to alter the saturation. Try different places in your office and home and set up in front of a window that floods your space with light, aim and shoot.

5. Editing

Now that you have the photo, the last step is to start editing! Open the photos editor of your choice and start with cropping anything that you feel is unnecessary or any surprising photobombs. We all have had that problem from time to time! Then there is saturation to make your colors pop, contrast to brighten or darken your images, and sharpness to focus on the shot. You can even use the auto adjust option for a one-click solution. If you don’t like what you see, just undo it, and start from scratch.

6. Text and Overlays

If you’ve left some space in your images, you can add text to personalize them for your business or brand. Pick a font that fits the theme of your props and be sure to use visible colors as well to contrast with your background choice.

Overlays are also cool to use if you want to bring more attention to the message than your image. This would be great for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise and attract people to your newly posted blogs or other social media accounts. Make them transparent that the image is still visible to still let your image shine through.

With these 6 tips, you’ll be able to join the #flatlaytoday trend! Remember, these flat lays are a way to tell your story whether that be your style or personality. Yes, they are difficult and they’re like a whole new perspective, but you will be able to create the perfect flat lay in no time! Hopefully, these tips have given you some inspiration to get you started as well as making your photos stand out. Grab your phone or your DSLR camera and snap your creativity!

So, which tip are you excited to try out? We’re excited to see how you create your flat lay! Share with us by using our tag #LUXEBeGreat


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