Style Squad App Launch

The fashion and beauty industry has been progressing more and more when it comes to marketing their business. You’ve already mastered marketing on social media, and now you’re thinking “what else can we use to market our business?” Well, mobile apps are one of the newest trends that a lot of fashion and beauty industries are getting into. Having a mobile app gives your customers the opportunity to shop on the go while gaining a better experience. Recently, Style Squad just launched a mobile app that lets you and others evaluate each other’s outfits and provide feedback. Planning your outfits has just gotten a lot easier, thanks to the new Style Squad app.

Style Squad is an app where you can upload a photo of your outfit for quick tips from other users in your ‘squad’ and also get a little inspiration for the next slay-fit of the day. Unsure if a top matches a pair of jeans? Snap it, upload it and send it in a photo then see what your Squad thinks. This is an essential tool to have when you’re not sure if your work appropriate attire is really…”work-appropriate” attire. Shopping is also no longer a hassle now that Style Squad is here to rescue those fashion choices before they’re even made. We all know fashion is about taking risks but, some risks should not be challenged. Before making those purchases, take a quick shot of it and send it in for feedback from your fashion community.

Here’s how it works:

Take a photo of your O.O.T.D. (outfit of the day) and after you capture it, you get to decide what style you’re going for. Are you going to a fancy party? Hit the “classic” box. Are you going out for a Girls Night Out? Hit the “chic” box. There are many styles you can choose from. If you decide to mix and match your outfit, you can choose more than one box. For example, let’s say you are wearing a flannel and you pair it up with a leather jacket; You can hit the “edgy” and “hipster” box! Just be creative and have fun.

Before you post your O.O.T.D. for your squad to see, pose a question about your outfit and ask for their opinions. You can even ask questions when you’re at the mall and trying on clothes “What do you think of this sweater?” that way you can decide if you should get it or not. You can also ask the questions before heading out on a date or before going to work. Making sure your outfit is on point!

Your picture can be liked or disliked as well as receiving comments by your squad. You can also look at others and decide whether you like their outfit or not and provide your opinion for them too. Just sit back and let the voters decide on whether they like it or not!

Viola! It’s that easy! The Style Squad app is perfect for last minute opinions on outfits pulled together. It’s like having a personal stylist with you on the go. Download the Style Squad App now and start sharing your OOTD! Also, if you’re around, come join us at the Style Squad Launch Party December 9th, at Fynd Fashion from 5-7pm!


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