If You’re Doing It For The ‘Gram, Do It Right: New Instagram Features

If Instagram has not proven to be one of the most interactive tools for marketing, then these recent updates are sure to establish that rank. Instagram Live and Stories made a huge impact on how brands connected with their devoted and potential follower. Instagram has now upped the ante by adding, even more, features for interactivity and marketing with a simple hashtag

Live Request

Okay, so we’ve mentioned how great Instagram Live Stories are and it’s pretty much one of the biggest and innovative developments on Instagram. Instagram has now come back with the ability to add a second person to your broadcasts.

This feature can be extremely important for anyone who may hold a Q&A; with their audiences. Get the viewers involved and ask them to join in and ask their questions to you directly. The comment sections can go by pretty quick and you could miss a really great question that everyone wants to ask. So, if the viewer requests to join the Live, you can give and receive valuable feedback on products and your brand.

Stories Highlights and Archives

Remember when everything that was good, had to come to an end on Instagram. Not anymore! The new highlight and archive feature of stories allow you store your stories on your profile as long as you like. With highlights, you can store as many as you like and edit them at any time. The Archive feature stores all of your stories automatically after 24 hours and you can edit them at any time also. With this feature, your stories are private and they’ll remain private until you choose to edit them for a new highlight. Exciting right?! You can find these fun features all in your bio, all you need to do is choose a cover image and name. This is great for brands to reuse content longer than 24 hours of allotted time that Instagram used to have.

Polls and Stickers

Now when creating your stories, you can add a polling sticker to get your audience involved. Got a new product release or event? Add a poll and get those viewers active!! It super easy. Accessing it is similar to how you would add a sticker in that your just drop it on your image and edit the question. Once the voting takes place, you can view it by opening the viewers’ list. Along with the new poll stickers, you can customize your stickers, brushes, and text with the added an eye dropper tool and an alignment tool to keep the text centered the way you like it.

Hashtag Follows

Hashtags have always been helpful in categorizing your posts and search for a certain topic. Instead of having to search for that tag, you can now follow a tag just like a normal Instagram account. Instagram then takes a selection of top posts that will show up on your feed. This also means that you will see more accounts that focus on what you’re interested in without having to search. The hashtag feature has the potential to get new eyes on your account and furthermore change the way users market themselves.


This is an essential tool for merchants, beauty, and life and style bloggers. Shopify allows businesses to use Instagram as an additional channel for third-party shopping. Once you are allowed access and your product catalog is set up on Facebook, you are then able to tag the products in your Instagram post. Once the viewers tap on the post, they are then prompted with the option to “tap to view products”, view the product details, and purchase.

This year, Instagram has taken social media by storm! Your audience is one the most important contributors to your success and any way to get them involved is key. From the polling option to Shopify, it all allows interactivity with your audience. Remember to have fun with everything Instagram has to offer! What are you excited to play around with? Let us know in the comment section.


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