An Interview With Jolene Taracatac: The Brains & Beauty Behind Style Squad App

Do you remember Cher’s iconic computer closet in Clueless? Effortlessly, Cher was able to choose her OOTD without over thinking or any trial and error. Well, we may not have that closet but we have the next best thing with the newly release fashion app StyleSquad. It all starts with a snap of your OOTD, post it, and voila, you know if it’s a hit or miss. Cool right?! With excitement, we had the chance to sit down with the beautiful and stylish brains behind the operation, Jolene Taracatac, for an interview about her creation, StyleSquad App. 

How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with it?

Style Squad is a brand that believes that everyone is uniquely beautiful and we want to help people embrace their unique beauty. We think people of all walks of life, colors, shapes, and sizes deserve to feel their most confident. So our brand is about people owning their beauty and owning who they are through their style.

I came up with the branding because I think that’s what personal style is all about- finding out what makes someone unique and embracing who they are through their style.

Who shaped and created the direction of StyleSquadApp?

As the founder, I shaped the direction of my company because I knew I wanted to build a company that helped people feel empowered.

How does branding and creativity inspire your business?

Branding inspires my business by helping me keep my message consistent. Creativity inspires my business by helping me think of new ways to reach customers and solve everyday challenges that come with being a business owner.

Who is your role model when it comes to fashion?

In fashion, I have great respect for the work of stylists Rachel Zoe and Monica Rose. Since they are responsible for creating so many awesome looks for some of the biggest celebrities they are challenged to be very creative.

Which organizations do you see your blog or brand collaborating with in the future?

I see my brand collaborating with local brands and boutiques, malls, and even online retailers.

How would you describe your lifestyle and how do you balance it with work?

I would describe my lifestyle as a work in progress. I’m not necessarily living the lifestyle I want right now but in the process of working hard to get there. I try not to fill my time just to be “busy” but make sure my actions are all intentional.

Do you incorporate branding in your personal life?

Yes, I try to incorporate branding in my personal life because I know the importance of building a personal brand. Building a personal brand helps create trust with potential clients and partners.

Do you have any business or branding tips you’d like to share?

I’ve learned that in this day and age, people love to see authenticity. So it’s not necessarily about being perfect, but being you! Sometimes people can connect more with your imperfections.

Jolene’s passion for her business ventures is apparent and we wish her nothing but success. StyleSquad is amazing, as we have checked it out ourselves, but don’t just take our words for it. Download it today to see what all the hype is about! As of now, StyleSquad is available for only IOS devices but, don’t fret, it will be available for Androids soon! Follow @stylesquadapp on Instagram to stay up-to-date for all their upcoming news and announcements.


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