LOOKLIVELUXE x LUXE Catch Interview: Irina Volfson


Irina Volfson. Photo was taken by LOOKLIVELUXE
One more fab LUXE interview from the Simply NY Fashion & Beauty Conference. This time with the beautiful Irina Volfson, founder of LUXE Catch! You can tell right away, why we were drawn to her brand “LUXE” Catch, lol! However, not all brands with the catchy, trendy word are equal. There are few like LUXE Catch that actually resonates with luxury and affordability. Therefore, we just had to collaborate and share Irina’s story on how she came up with the concept and how you can join in all the monthly fun!
How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with it?


LUXE CATCH is the designer catch of the month, where we send monthly designer finds at 50-90% off of retail for a flat fee. We currently have two boxes: Bargain is $50/mo at a value of $200+, Posh is $250/mo at a value of $1000.

I came up with it because I realized that everyone wants a great deal and not everyone knows how and where to find it. But if it came directly to your doorstep – it would just be magic!

How do branding and creativity inspire your business?


Branding and creativity will always be a huge part of any business.

With LUXE CATCH, branding and creativity play an integral role. We are a fun surprise box filled with designer items so our branding and colors are fun, catchy, almost whimsical to an extent. When our team gets together for brainstorm meetings, I always say “nothing is too crazy, just write it down.” Some of the craziest ideas have been the most forward-thinking, and have pushed us the greater heights than we ever imagined. Don’t quit your daydream!

Who is your role model?


That’s a hard one!

I have a few for sure. I look up to Gary Vaynerchuk in the business and marketing space. He is from Belarus and emigrated to the US as a young child, like myself. I side with many of his beliefs about being grateful to a particular upbringing and belief system. He talks a lot about mindset and not making excuses. I agree 100% that to make any changes, we each have to stop making excuses and MAKE A CHOICE, then keep moving.

Do you incorporate branding into your personal life?


Yes! You are your brand. Don’t ever forget that 🙂

Do you have any business or branding tips you’d like to share?


You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.

Simply what this means is, you have the awareness to change your emotions (sails) around any situation (wind) that has occurred in your life and you can change the meaning to something that serves you and takes you in the direction you truly desire to go. Its all about mindset.

You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.

As Irina shares the story behind her brand and tips, we couldn’t be more grateful and excited to share it on the blog! We get to learn more than her brand but why the founder decided to launch a surprise subscription box filled with designer and luxe goodies at a fraction of the cost! We also learned that nothing is too crazy and that we need to just write it down. After Val’s own fabulous experience with a box from LUXE Catch, we think you should get that experience too…right at your doorstep! Visit LUXECatch.com to begin your monthly affordable designer service now.

SIMPLY NYC Fashion & Beauty Conference Powered By NYLON at ROOT NYC with Love Is Louder
– New York, NY – 02/10/2018 – SIMPLY NYC Fashion & Beauty Conference Powered By NYLON at ROOT NYC with Love Is Louder. -PICTURED: -PHOTO by Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com –



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