Going To The Makeup Show? Meet Shelly Tagger

Shelly_FINAL b & w

Our team at LOOKLIVELUXE has been covering The Makeup Show Orlando for the past 2 years and we wouldn’t dare miss another year! This coming weekend, several beauty enthusiasts, bloggers, and brands will be at one of the largest makeup shows. This beauty event will take place in our very own backyard which makes it even more exciting! What really got us stoked was a chance to interview Shelly Tagger, the founder of The Makeup Show! She saw that there was a need for a show that featured all things beauty and she created just that. So we wanted to know more of her story! Read on…

What gave you the idea to co-create The Makeup Show? 

12 years ago we notice that there were a lot of hair shows, but no makeup shows. Makeup brands were included in hair shows, but kind of got lost in there. The beauty industry is huge and made us realize the need for a makeup artist show that is only focused on cosmetics. That’s when we started The Makeup Show and it has been a huge success from the first year and on.

How long did it take The Makeup Show to take off? 

It took off the very first year. We announced the show in September of 2005 and by our first show in May of 2006 we had almost 3000 attendees. There was a need in the industry so it picked up very fast.

How do brands enter The Makeup Show? 

The brand would need to email us, then we check and see what their product is, and what category it works best for. Approvals are based on availability in each category per city and show.

Who/what brands do you see The Makeup Show collaborating with in the future?   

All of our sponsors as always. We would also love to reach more and more emerging brands that are starting out and support them as well.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share that would help other brands create a meaningful experience for their consumers at these shows? 

The most important tip is to be active and involved. You need to meet with artists and speak to them, not just try to make a sale. You never know where that relationship will take you. Artists will become a loyal consumer if they feel a connection with the brand.

You need to meet with artists and speak to them, not just try to make a sale. You never know where that relationship will take you.

The beauty industry like most industries relies on creating and cultivating relationships! We are grateful for having Shelly take the time and share her story along with great insights. With that said, this year, we’d like to see more emerging or indie brands take advantage of it as well as micro influencers!

If you want to see what’s in store for The Makeup Show Orlando, head over to their website! If you will be in attendance we hope to see you and meet you! We’ll be hanging out at Booth D1 for Nouveau Contour USA (we’ll share more on this international beauty house in another post). See you soon, beauties!



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