Leveraging Social Media

Can’t stay way from social media? No worries, we can’t either! Social media can definitely have that effect! It can also have a positive affect on any company looking to expand areas such as growth, gain exposure or increase their customer/ employee engagement. These days, an entire brand can be built on a social media platform. According to Forbes, 78% of consumers claimed that posts … Continue reading Leveraging Social Media

Promote Your LUXE With Orlando Style Magazine!

At LOOKLIVELUXE, we aim to help our clientele exceed their expectations in the marketplace with our strategic marketing plans. In our efforts to grow your business, we often leverage our resources and partnerships with industry leaders. We’ve recently added another member to the team! We are so pleased to announce our partnership with Orlando Style Magazine. As a LOOKLIVELUXE ally, Orlando Style Magazine will offer … Continue reading Promote Your LUXE With Orlando Style Magazine!

Flavors of Summer: Fourth of July Edition

Celebrate this year’s Independence Day with good food (and good company)! If you caught our Facebook recipe this week, you’re going to love the suggestions below. If you missed it, here it is again: Lavender Lemon Martini Watermelon Cups Watermelon is one of those ubiquitous summer fruits. Create the cups by cutting the watermelon into squares. Hollow out the squares a bit, and fill with feta, … Continue reading Flavors of Summer: Fourth of July Edition

Women’s 2014 LUXE Beach Wear

After our Creative Director, Val Decena, visited Cancun this past weekend  she shared some of her fave beach/resort wear with us. So since it’s beach (or pool) time, one of the best parts of summer, why not help you enjoy the season in some fashionable new attire as well!  Swim Suits: Of course, the most quintessential part of your wardrobe this summer will be your swim suit. … Continue reading Women’s 2014 LUXE Beach Wear

Hosting Elegant Summer Events

  It’s summertime again—the season for social gatherings! No matter the occasion, you can host a sophisticated soiree that will impress your guests. One of the best parts of hosting a summer party is the versatility. Whether you’d rather soak up the sun with friends, or admire the starlight backdrop in your backyard, you have options! Just remember to plan around the event your envisioning. … Continue reading Hosting Elegant Summer Events