Now Accepting Interns! 

It’s the second quarter of the year and after having a hectic first quarter…things are finally falling into place. That being said, I now have time set aside to help passionate students learn about marketing and what we do at LOOKLIVELUXE! So I’m accepting new interns for marketing/pr, sales in the Orlando area and virtually! Must be self-motivated, possess a passion for beauty, fashion, lifestyle brands and … Continue reading Now Accepting Interns! 

Why Millennials Love Luxury

Today, with instant access to viewing the lavish lifestyle, whether on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, a craving for luxury has increased at an exponential level. Specifically, Millennials are the generation with the most want for luxury items. Although, there is an increase in demand for luxury items, there is no magical increase in money that Millennials have to spend on such items. This generation is looking to … Continue reading Why Millennials Love Luxury

Creating Your Virtual Office

Before prospects go to your actual office (if you have one), they visit your virtual office…your website. Yep, it’s the first impression besides your physical presence or business card. This is  important, as they should truly represent your brand. They also should clearly show what you can do for them in order to turn them into paying clients. Since that is the ultimate goal, we’ve come up with … Continue reading Creating Your Virtual Office


Fashion & Fitness: Blending The Two

Last year, I caught wind of this trend. It wasn’t really a new one, but it was a trend I never was really into. Until I spotted a very stylized photo with a Chloe Drew Bag and a fresh pair of Nike Flyknit Roshes from Chronicles of Frivolity blogger Katey McFarlan’s Instagram account. These dark gray/wolf grey/black/white/ Flyknit Roshe Run were released back in February of … Continue reading Fashion & Fitness: Blending The Two

Your Network is Your Net Worth

As a shy girl in my younger days, I quickly learned the importance of getting out of my shell in college. It meant having to speak to other students about school work or group projects, in order to succeed (I hated group projects, but now I understand how it helped me open up more and work with a team). I also noticed other students joining … Continue reading Your Network is Your Net Worth


Build Lasting Relationships, Not Links

Long are the days where we have to stuff our content with links, in order to increase SEO (search engine optimization). This is a method that does work for sure. But somehow and somewhere down the line, someone (who I’ll mention a bit later) discovered that there is more to link building. There is such a thing as building relationships online. This had me thinking if more brands or … Continue reading Build Lasting Relationships, Not Links

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The lack of planning will lead to unwanted results, which is essentially a plan to fail. This post was meant to be published last Monday, but life as we know it gets in the way and it’s all the more reason to plan, plan, plan! Of course, we plan out content and promotions for our clients as they are priority (without them, LOOKLIVELUXE wouldn’t be a … Continue reading Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

A Balancing Act

Small Business: A Balancing Act

It’s currently President’s day and though many offices are closed, creatives, marketers and small business owners are still at work…including myself. It seems like we should indulge in the long weekend and drop everything, but that isn’t always the case. How many of you thought entrepreneur or freelance life would give you more freedom? The freedom to pick up and leave, the freedom to do … Continue reading Small Business: A Balancing Act