3 Top Pumps To Enjoy at The Office

One may be wondering why this is even a topic on here, but today is Wednesday and we’re reviving the weekly round-up posts. Therefore, as a blog filled with marketing tips and inspiration in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries, we chose to discuss our top 3 pumps to enjoy at the office. At LOOKLIVELUXE, chicness and comfort is important to incorporate into your work … Continue reading 3 Top Pumps To Enjoy at The Office

Everything That Glitters Isn’t Always Gold

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “all that glitters isn’t gold” or some version of it in songs or other articles. I believe the saying holds so true with business. I once thought that because I wanted freedom by not clocking in for anyone and that if I was to hustle for any company to make a living, it would be for myself-that it … Continue reading Everything That Glitters Isn’t Always Gold

Attracting Your Ideal Client

It’s no secret that most of us have favorites when it comes to who we want to work with. It could be your favorite brand or your favorite customer, also known as your ‘ideal client.’ But what if the customers who want your services or products are not your ideal client or target market? Do you ever find yourself wondering why the services or products that you created … Continue reading Attracting Your Ideal Client

13 Questions with the Twiirly Team

This week our Chief-in-LUXE and Founder and Lead Marketing Consultant Val Decena of LOOKLIVELUXE was interviewed by the Twiirly app Team. She has opened sessions for aspiring or fellow bloggers and business owners to engage with her on Twiirly. Because Val brings a keen eye, industry contacts, and insider knowledge to her influencer marketing and visual content strategy, she is a great source to connect with. … Continue reading 13 Questions with the Twiirly Team


3 Tech Devices We Can’t Live Without!

On this week’s Wednesday Weekly round-up, we’re sharing technology devices that help add value to a creative business. These are also the essentials we cannot live without, as they have leveled up our game. Big time. There a various types or brands but the three devices, we will mention are simply what we use and love! A camera. We’ve all been using an iPhone camera for a … Continue reading 3 Tech Devices We Can’t Live Without!


3 Thought Leaders We Enjoy on YouTube

One of the things that we want to start implementing for The LUXE Blog is sharing our weekly round-up of content, services or products we like and find inspirational or useful. This round-up was mentioned in a recent post by our Chief-in-LUXE Val Decena, and in case you missed it you can read it here. At LOOKLIVELUXE, we always share the latest updates on industry-related news or in the social … Continue reading 3 Thought Leaders We Enjoy on YouTube

New Year, New Rules!

Glitz, glam, and bubbly will be in the plans for most people this upcoming New Year’s Eve, and for some it’ll be pizza, pajamas, and Netflix. – Totally optional and both sound rather appealing. However, one thing is typically unwavering amongst the general population, and that’s new year resolutions. You know, those long term goals that you set for yourself that statistics show only 9% … Continue reading New Year, New Rules!

Instagram Stories or Snapchat?

Just when we were getting used to going live on Facebook and playing around with new geo-filter releases on Snapchat, Instagram came along and changed the game. This past week Instagram introduced its newest feature, “Stories”. If you were already a lover of all things Instagram and not so keen on Snapchat but were intrigued by its story feature, then Instagram has just made itself … Continue reading Instagram Stories or Snapchat?

Facebook and Instagram Ads: Do They Still Work?

Facebook and Instagram have proven themselves to be the cool kids of the social media world. Aside from literally giving people the chance to rebrand themselves and create a persona resulting in a large amount of followers, opportunity for collaboration, and maybe even fame, Facebook and Instagram have created those same opportunities for businesses. Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, small or large business; social media platforms have … Continue reading Facebook and Instagram Ads: Do They Still Work?

4 LUXE Ways To Promote Your Next Event

Marketing is not for the faint of heart. Marketing is a skill that encompasses many things, and the best marketing is done by those who research and observe their audience like a lion uses its intuition and agility to hunt its prey- I may watch just a little too much Animal Planet. (insert bashful emoji) The days of a company not giving a PR/Marketing professional a … Continue reading 4 LUXE Ways To Promote Your Next Event